Monday, December 7, 2015

Cebu Food Crawl: Gibbs' Hot Wings

I was supposed to leave Tacloban at around 12:30PM but due to some unforeseen circumstances, my flight to Mactan-Cebu got delayed for almost six hours. Once I got off from the plane, I waited for another 50 minutes for my cab. The queue was crazy as most taxis in Mactan Island were nowhere to be found due to the large passenger demand at the newly opened mall in SRP.

I was really tired and hungry. Good thing, the next destination of the #CebuFoodCrawl was Gibbs' Hot Wings at Streetscape Lifestyle Mall in Banilad.

Gibbs' Hot Wings is not just about hot wings. The newly opened restaurant in Banilad started as a simple home recipe.  Their hot wings have been a 'pulutan' of choice for the owner and his friends whenever they get together. Since the owner's friends loved their home recipe, they asked to make more for their family and friends. Eventually, they started ordering and one of them told the owner to sell their hot wings.

Having an extra space at home, they decided to open their shop. Then, people started coming and eating their Gibbs' Hot Wings. The rest is history.

For starters, they served four meals: Carbonara, Mozzarella Sticks, Potato Wedge, and Nachos.


Mozzarella Sticks

Tasty Carbonara

Potato Wedge

I love their carbonara because it's not too salty and it's really creamy. Yum, yum!

And for the main dish, they served us their best selling wings!

Angel Wings (cream, garlic, filled cheese, parmesan cheese)

Gibbs' Hot Original

Hickory Mustard Wings

Spicy Honey Garlic (glazed with spicy honey sauce and garlic bits)

The Gibbs' Hot Wings comes in 5 levels of hotness. They initially gave us a level 2 and it was still mild, considering that I have a high spice tolerance compared to some of my friends. Because we live in a #YOLO generation, we gave level 5 a try. Surprisingly, we didn't feel its hotness at the first three bites but as minutes went by, it gets hotter. The good thing about it was even at level 5, the flavor's still there.

My Gibbs' Hot Wings experience was really pleasant. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars!


Gibbs' Hot Wings
Streetscape Lifestyle Mall,
Paseo Saturnino, Ma. Luisa Road,
Banilad, Cebu City

(032) 349-2103

Main Branch & Commissary
Holy Family Village 2,
Banilad, Cebu City

(032) 268-6967


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