Monday, December 14, 2015

Sailing Around Mactan Island

I am a sucker for turquoise seas, coconut trees, and white beaches. Growing up in Davao, the beach will always be a familiar territory to me. In fact, my undergraduate thesis was all about rearing a marine invertebrate in a manmade saltwater pond. Haha!

For our final day in Cebu Food Crawl, we went island hopping!

The island hopping in Mactan is reminiscent of Samal Island. The weather that time - blue sky with few patches of Cumulus clouds - was perfect. Not to mention that the sea was really calm.

Nothing's really special about this activity since this was not new to me. However during that time, I was really stressed from all those adult obligations in life and I badly need a break. Just looking at the azure waters and appreciating its serenity had calmed me a bit. Adult life is getting out of my nerves to be honest.

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We had a brief stop at Nalusuan Island Resort. Nalusuan is a man-made resort island in the Cebu Strait, and one of the islands comprising the Olango Island Group. The island, which measures close to a hectare, is situated in between the Province of Bohol and Mactan Island. It's a protected sanctuary.

Our island hopping experience wouldn't be complete without lechon, puso, and several liters of coke. Crispy and spicy lechon in the middle of the azure waters? Now that's my kind of island hopping.

Putok batok!

Sea urchins!

Based from my experience, chocolates weren't good enough to battle stress. I also need a dose of vitamin sea, ten pieces of puso, and a huge plate of spicy lechon.

What a great way to end my November!

*Insert background song: Pure Shores - All Saints

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