Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Quick Trip to the Mountains

The last time I went to Buda was years ago. Buda, which is a clipped word of Bukidnon-Davao, is one of the most sought after places in Davao, especially during summer season. At 4,000 ft above sea level, Buda enjoys a year-long cool climate, similar to Baguio City, albeit cleaner air and less congested.

Since it's the Holy Week, everyone's taking advantage of the long weekend holiday, except for me who has work even on holidays. Good thing, it's my day-off, so I grabbed this opportunity to be with my family. Buda is approximately two hours away from the city center, depending on the traffic and the prevailing weather. Along the way, I have seen numerous motorcycle parts store that sells motorcycle gear, and motorcycle tires. I guess motorcycles are the most common mode transportation as you go up to the hinterlands. Roads are getting narrower, and the terrain gets steeper.

As we traversed the long and winding highway, the surrounding landscapes never fail to mesmerize me. The towering verdant mountains blessed with tributaries and lush conifer forests make this part of Davao worth visiting.

There is this fairly new place in Buda which is frequented by the locals. Bemwa Strawberry Farm sits just a few kilometers away from the border of Davao City and the province of Bukidnon. The farm stretches across the rolling hills of Barangay Salumay. Aside from strawberry, they also plant numerous herbs like cilantro, spearmint, lettuce, and cabbages. Colorful flowers are also abundant, making the farm pleasing to the eyes. However, we didn't stay long because of the heavy downpour, which quite sucks.

The farm also sells numerous products such as strawberry jams (no preservatives, of course), fresh vegetables, vinaigrette, and ice cream.

Bemwa Strawberry Farm is just one of the few stopovers that you shouldn't miss in Buda. There are other places worth visiting in Buda like the Epol Waterfalls in Marilog District, Seagull Mountain Resort, Eagle's Ridge, and a whole lot more.

The long drive from the city center is truly worth it.

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