Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Top 5 scary attractions in London

If you’re planning on a visit to London and want to get your heart racing with some scary tours and attractions, we’ve compiled a list of the most frightening and gruesome of them all.

1. The Tower of London

Founded in 1066, the Tower of London is a huge part of the city’s history. Although it is a castle, it also served as a prison, and over the centuries it has held members of the nobility that had been overthrown and those who committed treason. Some famous prisoners who were beheaded within the walls include Anne Boleyn and Lady Jane Grey, and the Tower is the home of many spine-chilling tales such as those of the torture methods that were inflicted on the incarcerated. Even today, some of the graffiti created by the agonized prisoners are still visible on the tower walls, and black Ravens still circle the area that spot where the many executions took place. 

2. Jack the Ripper Walking Tour 

The Jack the Ripper Walking Tour London will send shivers up your spine as you learn all about one of the most famous serial killers in not only London, but the world. Jack the Ripper haunted London’s East End in 1888, committing gruesome murders of prostitutes. The tour will begin in Whitechapel before taking you to the sites of some of the Ripper’s victims and is a fascinating evening walk for anyone who wants to learn more about the Victorian killer or London’s East End. You’ll pass many landmarks on the route including Spitalfields market and Brick Lane Market that provide a perfect backdrop to the stories of these brutal murders that your guide will conjure up. 

3.The Ghost Bus Tours

Hop on a Ghost Bus Tour for an eerie ride around the capital. Your bus conductor will enthrall you with grisly tales about the history of London while you enjoy the onboard spectacles. Don’t forget to say hello to the ‘surprise guest’ who will make an impromptu appearance at some point in the 75-minute journey from Trafalgar Square to Whitehall, via Fleet Street to hear about the demon barber Sweeney Todd and then to Tower Bridge. This tour is not for the faint-hearted, nor those who don’t enjoy audience participation. 

4.The London Dungeons 

The London Dungeons are always popular with tourists visiting the capital so be wary of queues. Once inside, you’ll be greeted by costumed actors who will take you on a journey through the dungeons and recount the goriest days of London’s past. You’ll learn about the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Jack the Ripper, the Great Fire and the Plague and there are always new surprises for visitors who have been before. The actors can appeal to anyone, making it a great option for the family. 

5.The Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret 

Above St Thomas’ Church stands the Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret which was once a medieval chapel that offered respite to the patients of St Thomas’ Hospital. The attic was rediscovered in 1962 and is filled with medieval relics, and the operating theatre still has the wooden table where treatments took place. This attraction gives you an insight into the medical profession 150 years ago and all of its gruesome practices.  

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