Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Sweet Escape to Boracay

Summer's about to end, but I just want to share some photos I took during my quick vacation in Boracay. Months ago, mom booked a roundtrip flight from Davao to Caticlan because she wanted to celebrate her 50th birthday outside Davao. Yup, you read it right - a direct flight from Davao to Caticlan! Spell convenience.

It's been five years since the last time we went to Boracay. We stayed there for two nights at Casa Pilar to attend my second cousin's wedding. It was a fun experience, needless to say. Five years later, we went back, and a lot have changed. There are new restaurants and establishments along the White Beach which I couldn't remember were there during my last visit. But, the crowd remains the same. The island is so alive especially at night, and I loved it.

And for Boracay's sunset? Always gorgeous.

We stayed at Microtel, and it's quite far from the White Beach. You can avail their roundtrip airport transfer services from Caticlan Airport for only Php 1,000. The fee includes the environmental fee, boat transfer from Caticlan Jettyport to the island.

I was planning to try some of their water adventures like cliff diving at Ariel's Point, flying fish, helmet diving, and parasailing but, the golden girl isn't a big fan of these. Well, I could always go back to Boracay, all thanks to AirAsia's direct flight from Davao.

Approaching Caticlan Airport. That's Boracay Island.

White Beach, Boracay

Summer time!

Pastel Beach.

The tide is high.

Bye, Boracay!

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  1. This place is famous because of diving as well. Check it here


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