Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Living in the Pearl of the Orient

Owing to its archipelagic setup, the Philippines boasts many natural attractions. Ranging from above sea level mountains to deepest water trenches, the country does not fall short of mesmeric wonders satiating the cravings of adventure seekers. Here are 8 reasons why the Philippines is a good place to live:

1. The Philippines is Visa Free

The country is open to all. Out of 206 countries, the Philippines government allows 156 countries to conduct business and tourist visits to the Philippines without a visa. An initial extendable 30 days is given to foreigners upon arrival at the Philippine airport. For Brazilians and Israelians and initial 59 days is given as part of bilateral agreements between countries. Extending one’s stay is as breezy as getting your order from a fast food chain. The Bureau of Immigration releases and approves applications for tourists visa up to 59 more days.
If you are planning to have a memorable, affordable, fun-filled getaway grabs your bags now and book a ticket to the Philippines. You wouldn’t even sweat getting there!

2. Language isn’t a problem

Majority of Filipinos are English speakers. This is brought by the medium of instruction used in schools and universities in the country. To add to that, the country is a top tourist destination for people of different ethnicity and culture. They can more or less converse and provide you the information that you need. But if you are a non-English speaker, there are affordable, accredited translators which you can hire online. Be at ease as they already know the tricks of the trade in industry. They can get you anywhere, anytime, in the cheapest possible way. But if you are traveling in a group, you can go to a travel agency. They offer tour packages inclusive of translators and other promos. 

3. You are part of the family

Filipinos are hospitable by nature. This is deeply ingrained into their psyche, their language, and even the way they treat the people in their inner circle. Don’t get shocked nor scared if they suddenly smile and offered you something. They simply wish to tell you that you are part of their inner circle and you can stay with them as long as you like. Honorifics such as mam, sir, po, opo, and ho are words used to refer to reverence. They use these to show respect to their elders and visitors as passed down by their ancestors.

4. Shop all you want

Cost of living in the Philippines is much lower compared to developed and developing countries. A $1,000 can already provide a decent accommodation for a month and even get you anywhere in the country. What’s more, malls are everywhere offering foreign brands of food and clothing that you will find perchance in your mother country or other places in the world. What’s interesting is these products are sold at a quarter of its price overseas. Your dollars will sustain you for years in the Philippines. 

5. Experience the sea of clouds

Dotting with a plethora of land formations, the Philippines hosts mountains, ridges, volcanoes, and valleys scattered all throughout the archipelago. What used to be strategic vantage points for insurgents during the colonial occupation are now hailed as tourist spots worthy of exploring and discovering. But there’s more to the history and conquering the treacherous peaks of these land formations – the memory as well as the IG-worthy and facebook profile pictures with these mesmeric natural attractions cloaked by the sea of clouds make these sites fascinating and truly bang for the buck.

Some landform includes Mt. Apo, Mt. Mayon, Mt. Pulag, Chocolate hills, Mt. Pico de Loro, Mt. Pinatubo, Sierra Madre mountains to name a few. If you plan to pay a visit, there are mountaineering groups that organize monthly mountain hopping. They are usually on FB groups like DIY Travel Philippines or DIY Travel and Organized Tours Philippines.

6. Marvel at mesmeric islands and seascapes

Endowed with picturesque and breath-taking sceneries, the pristine islands and natural attractions will surely leave travelers craving for more. The laid-back ambiance it offers soothe weary minds and take a step back of the mundanity of life.

If you are looking for a royal-ish treatment whilst enjoying the majestic expanse of turquoise waters, then Huma island and El Nido in Palawan are perfect places for you. It is a luxurious treat you won’t regret giving yourself or your loved one. They offer snorkeling, cave visits, island hopping, and mouth-watering seafood delicacies. These places are enduring testaments of Mother nature’s unparalleled beauty and gift to mankind. Experience an unforgettable sunset either by yourself or with your loved one while walking along the beach. 

7. Visit and dive at Tubattaha reef

Your visit to the Philippines is not complete if you don’t drop by the infamous Tubattaha Reef Natural Park. Home for a hundred marine species like clownfish, sharks, manta ray, lionfish, hawksbill sea turtle, this natural park is considered a UNESCO heritage site. Teeming with colorful corals this site is billed as one of the top eight diving sites in the world. The natural park is also a home of migratory birds that annually visit the country due to changing seasons. Don’t miss this out and put it at the top of your list.

8. Sunbathe at the World’s finest beaches

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Philippines has the most stunning beaches in the world. Beaches like Boracay, Puerto Galera, Camiguin, Panglao Island, Siargao, and El Nido Palawan are just some of the many beaches in the country. What makes them beautiful is not just the sheer scenery, but the pure white sand, size of waves and the good water temperature that make surfing, sunbathing, castle building, and romantic dating a good activity to consider. The hospitality of the people and the mixture of urban and rural life make it an ideal place to visit as well. 

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