Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Travel Essentials when Travelling Around Asia

Asia is the world’s biggest continent. With the highest population on earth, Asia boasts of a startling mix of tradition and culture. Its enormity and diverseness make it hard to conceptualize as a single palatable travel spot. Right from the snowfields in the east to the gigantic mountains in the west, traveling to Asia can be an exciting adventure. Don’t forget that the highest mountain in the world Mount Everest is located within this remarkable continent. If you are planning on traveling to Asia for the first time, then it can be hard to know what to carry with you. However, below are the top travel essentials when traveling around Asia. 

A Good Backpack 

Although suitcases are among the top travel essentials for most people, they can be quite impractical when traveling to Asia. An ergonomic backpack is appropriate. Remember that you’ll be carrying it on your back for hours in a hot and humid climate. Consider a small bag if you want to overcome the inducement to over-pack. After all, most of the things in Asia are cheap, and you can buy them there. 

Moreover, if you prefer a backpack that saves you time and is easy to organize, then consider a front-loading one. Additionally, lockable one with help keeps your stuff secure. Furthermore, if you’ll be traveling during the rainy season, then opt for a waterproof backpack. 


The season dictates the type of clothes you’ll carry. Certain places like those in Southeast Asia are cold during the winter season. However, it is not that extreme so you can consider more lightweight cotton clothes. The advantage of lightweight garments is that they dry fast unlike the bulky and heavy ones. A sarong to cover the shoulders is also ideal if you are a female. Sandals or flip-flops and some hiking shoes (light) are suitable for the hiking fanatics. A handy microfiber towel is also good as it gives you an advantage when it comes to drying time and space saving. 

ATM cards 

If you don’t love carrying cash around, then consider taking an ATM card. In case your bank refunds you all the fees you’re charged on ATM at the end of the month, then it will be great. Some cards don’t charge foreign transactional fees. It is paramount to do some recharge to know the ideal bank to use. 


It pays to carry a small toiletry bag when traveling to Asia. It makes you organized. Consider solid versions as they take the least space and are quite inexpensive. It could be sunscreen, shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, and conditioner. 


You don’t want to be left behind regarding social and trending news. A laptop, camera, E-reader, phone, and tablet are the best technology devices to carry with you. Get an unlocked phone and pick a local prepaid SIM card. It is cheap when it comes to data, messages, and calls. A Kindle Paperwhite is ideal in case you plan to do some readings. If you don’t like the bulkiness of a laptop, then consider a tablet. 

Travel Guide 

Whether it is in the form of paper or digital, it is vital to take a travel guide with you. It could be a map showing routes and other travel information. Take it with you to know the direction and how long you will take from one place to another. There are loads of sites online which offer travel guidance from to

Bottom Line 

Asia is popularly known for its rich culture, food, activities, and cost of living. If you’re planning to go for a trip to Asia this coming vacation, then consider the above travel essentials. You can take most of them from home and buy some when in Asia.


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