Sunday, November 25, 2018

Spring in Sydney

On my fourth and probably the last visit to Australia for this year, I get the chance to experience their Spring season. Sydney enjoys a milder Spring weather than his hipster brother, Melbourne. It's not too hot, and not too cold. All you need is a light jacket!

I was a bit worried when I arrived in Sydney last Wednesday morning. It was gloomy and overcast the entire day. The weather forecast showed that it would be cloudy in the next four days. But, lo and behold. The sun showed up the following day, albeit the gale-force winds.

McDougall Street in Kirribilli, North Sydney is probably the most photographed street this season. The whole stretch of this street is bursting with lavender and violet blooms of Jacaranda trees. It only blooms during Spring season. It became an overnight sensation, all thanks to social media.

Of course, a trip to Sydney is not complete without visiting  Circular Quay, Queen Victoria Building, Central Business District, the Royal Botanical Garden, Art Gallery of New South Wales, and Bondi Beach. Even if this is my third time in Sydney, I will never get tired of this city. The city has so much to offer!

People would always ask me why I keep on coming back to Sydney. Love it or hate it, Sydney is not pretentious. It doesn't ask you to like him, or it doesn't demand to be loved by many. How I wish I had the opportunity to work and live here.

McDougall Street, Kirribilli, North Sydney

Jacaranda trees in full bloom.

Sydney Harbour and Sydney Opera House

Central Business District, Sydney.

Bondi Beach


  1. Damn, Australia is like your second home buddy. That beautiful McDougall Street is definitely must visit. Love that spring views!

    1. Australia is now my new home! HAHAHA hopefully soon. ;) I just can't get enough of Sydney.


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