Wednesday, June 17, 2020

4 things that are guaranteed to ruin your vacation

There’s nothing more exciting than building up to your annual vacation. You’ve saved for months, you’ve worked hard and you’ve planned every activity, the hotel, and location down to the last minute detail. 

Sadly, not every vacation goes to plan, no matter how well you plan and strategize your days in the sun. Leaving you feeling as if you’ve missed an entire opportunity to relax, enjoy yourself, and make the most out of time away from work and ordinary life. So, it makes sense to make yourself familiar with the most common ways a vacation can be ruined – and do your best to avoid them!

Read on for 4 things that are guaranteed to ruin your vacation.

Getting caught up in a road accident

Whether you're hiring a car to get you around your destination or you're driving your own vehicle, getting involved in a car crash whilst on vacation is enough to put the brakes on any good time you had planned. You'll need to deal with the police, your injuries, and the prospect of having to spend your vacation in the hospital or being sent home early. Click here to speak with a Jersey City personal injury lawyer

Tip: When you’re driving in an unknown city or location, make sure you complete plenty of research about road laws and the road conditions you may find yourself driving on. Always research your route.


From having your suitcase stolen in a hotel lobby to have all your holiday cash lifted from your wallet whilst you're queuing for the bar, holiday theft is no joke and it's enough to pour cold water all over your holiday plans. You may need to speak with the police, head to your embassy for advice, or have a relative send you more money whilst you're overseas.

Tip: Always keep your money in more than one place and consider carrying a fake wallet with you in case your mugged. Have electronic and paper copies of your passport and always be vigilant in busy, crowded places. 

Food poisoning 

Whether you want to indulge your palate with something new or you want to stick to what you know and love, what we eat on vacation is just as important as the hotel! Sadly, food poisoning is common amongst holidaymakers, and getting ill will leave you unable to enjoy your break to the fullest. 

Tip: Only eat food that is thoroughly cooked and from eateries with good reviews and good food hygiene practices. If you do have food poisoning, make sure you seek medical advice and get plenty of rest.

And finally, missing your flight

It's not much of a holiday if you miss your flight! You may have to cancel or even miss precious days of your time off. 

Tip: Always aim to get to the airport at least an hour before take-off is scheduled! 

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  1. Losing your phone while on vacation. I lost mine in Barcelona and had to call overseas to call banks, etc. Nothing quite ruins your vacation than worrying about identity theft and private photos of you leaking online lol.


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