Saturday, June 20, 2020

Montréal Revisited

Montréal wasn't part of my original plan. The day before we went to this city, my good mate Jase surprised me and told me we were going on a road trip. I didn't expect that we would travel for more than 8 hours just to visit the largest city of Québec Province, the French part of Canada. I love this city! The charm is different compared to Toronto, a highly urbanized city filled with modern skyscrapers in downtown and midtown areas. Montréal kept its charm by preserving old buildings in the old downtown. While it's notoriously colder here than in Toronto, it didn't stop us to explore this quaint city of Canada.

Months ago, I downloaded a bunch of LR presets, and I tried some of them. While browsing my Montréal album on my hard drive, I still have tons of unedited and unprocessed photos. Since I have all the time today, these are some of my favorite photos of Montréal.

Crossing the border of Ontario and Québec

Clear day with snow

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Old Quarter of Montréal

Lots of old buildings

Downtown Montréal skyline

Day hike to Mount Royal

Overview of downtown Montréal

Notre Dame Cathedral

Bamboo Organ

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