Saturday, January 16, 2021

Best Laid Plans: How to Travel Safely amid COVID-19

For some, the idea of a long vacation and family break is well overdue. However, as the global pandemic continues, it's difficult to know when life will return to some sort of normality. Travel may be restricted right now, but many holidaymakers are already looking ahead to a brighter future, one which includes booking and enjoying a well-deserved break. 

When (or if) your holiday is given the green light you must take the right kind of precautions and understand the health risks involved. Right now, we've got more to worry about than those pesky mosquito bites! Here we'll explore how you and your family can travel safely amid Covid-19 and still enjoy your holiday! Read on to find out more. 

Understand your consumer rights 

Traveling at the moment not only comes with potential health risks but also a risk to your finances! If your holiday is suddenly canceled or your travel provider announces that they're going bust, then you may be wondering where to turn to, especially in terms of a refund. Thankfully, Creditfix has created this helpful infographic which details everything you need to know about getting your money back in the event of a cancellation or those worrying provider issues. Understanding your consumer rights will certainly give you the confidence to book your next break. So check out the infographic provided. 

Understand isolation requirements 

Rules and regulations are changing all the time, including those surrounding isolation requirements upon entry to your chosen destination and when you return home. Before you book a break or a flight, research into what is expected and factor this into your trip. Bear in mind children may need additional time off school and you may be required to work from home when you return. 

Pack for health 

There are a few holiday essentials that we never leave home without. Swimwear, toiletries, sun hats, and sunscreen, clothes for the kids, pool toys, not forgetting passports, and those essential travel documents. These days if you're planning to head overseas, you may want to add a few more essentials to your ever-growing list. 

Items such as face coverings for all the family – either disposable or re-usable ones. Ensuring you have enough for the duration of your trip and soap to wash your reusable ones with. 

✔ Any prescribed medicines and additional pain relief medicines for the family. 

✔ Alcohol-based sanitizing products. Including wipes and hand gel. Having travel sized ones that you can take out and about with you will be useful. 

✔ Disinfectant wipes. Also, bringing along some disinfectant wipes means you can quickly wipe surfaces and door handles, giving you peace of mind. 

And finally, be smart!

Don't fall into a false sense of security, just because you're away from home. You'll still need to apply the same advice you follow back home. This means washing your hands regularly, keeping 2m apart from people where possible and avoiding crowded places. The rules may vary from country to country, however, applying common sense and wearing a face covering will help keep you and others safe.

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