Frequently Asked Questions!

1) Who are you?

Hey, my name is Renz Bulseco.

2) And you're from?

Davao City, Philippines

3) How old are you?

I am twenty five years old.

4) Do you still study?

Not anymore. I graduated last April 2011 at the University of the Philippines Mindanao with a bachelor's degree in Biology.

5) Whoa, Biology! Do you have plans to pursue a medical career in the near future?

I used to. I changed my plans months before my graduation. It is just... being a medical doctor is not really for me. No regrets, just love.

6) What do you do for a living?

I am an Air Traffic Controller (ATC). I am also a blogger, a freelance photographer, and a web designer.

7) What is the model of your camera?

I used to take photos using my trusty point-and-shoot camera (Canon Powershot A480) until my uncle gave (yep, he's THAT generous) all of his photography equipment to me. Since that day, I started using Canon EOS 1000D. A year later, I upgraded to Canon EOS 1100D. Now I am capable to capture HD videos! I also use my iPhone 6 for mobile photography.

8) You said that you've started traveling back in 2008. How come this blog is just five and a half years old?

Yes, I started traveling back in 2008. During that time, I didn't have much time to document and publish my travels online. Last June of 2011, my friends encouraged me to create a travel blog.

9) Can I use some of your photos?

Sure, just don't forget to put some credit. And please, do not remove my watermark!

10) Do you have a personal blog?

I have.

For more questions, please email me at renzbulseco123@yahoo.com or tweet your questions @renzybenzy. I am also in Instagram! Follow me @rmbulseco


  1. hi! there's a new food destination that just opened at mabini complex. it's cucina ilocana :) they specialize in Ilocano food such as bagnet, igado, pinakbet ilocano, miki, empanada, etc.

    i've been there only once but the food's great and the prices are reasonable :)

    i don't know the exact address but it's just beside yellow hauz coffee shop :)

    hope to read about it here in your blog :) god bless :)

  2. Hi Renz,

    I have been following your blog for a while now. Mainly because i took the exam. I passed and now only have the medical to worry about.

    I'm totally shifting careers. I will leave my corporate job in makati in order to start training and eventually become an ATC. I'm really into aviation, hence my desire to totally change careers.

    Just wondering if you can help me decide here. If I complete the training, is there assurance that I'll be hired by CAAP for a regular position as ATC? Or do I need to start as a job order?

    Are you a regular now? How long did it take?

    Hope to hear from you soon.



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