Monday, November 21, 2011

Goin' Italian at The Peak

Just after our meeting we headed straight to Gaisano Mall and holy gwakamowli, was I surprised after seeing the almost finished The Peak! It felt like I wasn't in Gaisano Mall!

The Peak

Anyway, we strolled our way around The Peak. While walking, Juy mentioned that Don Beppe offers delicious Italian food but comes with a price. We stopped by near Don Beppe and was a bit hesitant to go inside to dine there.

We were about to leave when Don Beppe himself chased us. Oh-oh, we're in big trouble.

"Where are you going? Come, join us inside!", Don Beppe said in a heavy Italian accent.

Of course we really can't say NO in front of the restaurant's owner! Nakakahiya plus he was so gentle and nice to us. So we entered the restaurant and tried some of their dishes.

Don Angelo Pizza

We first ate Don Angelo Pizza. Very delicious. Like any other pizzas, it was filled with onions, bell peppers, salami and mushrooms. The difference was the tomato sauce itself - it was not too sweet.


We even tried Pizza Pesto Lover and it was also delicious... actually, it was more delicious than Don Angelo Pizza! Toppings in the Pizza Pesto Lover include a generous amount of sea foods, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.

And for pasta, we ordered two: Spaghetti Alla Marinara and Spaghetti Vongole.

Spaghetti Alla Marinara

Spaghetti Vongole

Spaghetti Alla Marinara is a mix of rich and thick tomato sauce, assorted sea foods and olive oil while Spaghetti Vongole comes with a mix of clams and white wine sauce.

If you love tomatoes, try Bruschetta - slices of French bread topped with a generous amount of diced tomato and olive oil.

Oh, Don Beppo even had a mini raffle in our table! The lucky winner shall win an 8-oz champagne. And the winner was no other than Princess!

Don Beppe and friends

And for the bill? Surprisingly I only paid 180 pesos. It would have gone cheaper (Php 130) if I didn't order coke.

Gastronimically satisfied. CHECK. Nom nom nom, delicioso!

Surprisingly affordable.

Don Beppe Ristorante Italiano is located at The Peak, Gaisano Mall of Davao, JP Laurel Ave., Davao City.



  2. Ate Ri! Possible ba na masali sila sa DFAT? Love their pasta talaga!

  3. Bruschetta is love, madali rin lang gawin sa bahay.

  4. Nakakagutom. Haha! Btw, ang ganda na ng Gaisano ah.

  5. @lakwatsera - Yep! Planning to make bruschetta soon eh.

    @Paul - Food porn overload!!! :D Yep, level up na ang Gaisano Mall.

  6. When you mentioned "The Peak" I thought for a moment HK post ;p Ang syala ng The Peak!

  7. Kung sa Hongkong pa yan, baka deins ko na maafford! Haha

  8. i thought i was going to read about HK's The Peak, sa Gaisano Mall pala. LOL. but the mall has gone a long way from the last time I was there. great to see recent pics of the mall :)

  9. Grabe na talaga ang improvements ng GMall!

  10. I love pasta and Italian foods. great experience neo ah that you get to meet up with the owner. I remembered one incident in China too when a Frenchman who owns a French resto approach me and offered me some of his resto's best viands. Great experience na di ko malilimutan.

    salamat sa post! Il get to see this when I am on the road. haha

  11. favorite ko ang kanilang pasta ala puttanesca..sarap dyan!

  12. we ate there last Friday! Don Beppe is so accommodating! And yes, the food is to die for. Chos :))

  13. how come that you only paid P180?

  14. The pastas are so-so but I can't get over how good their Risotto al Funghi is! Best in Davao, if I must say so myself. Their Eggplant Parmigiana is da bomb too! Perfect for pairing with pizza. Nakakagutom naman 'tong post na 'to. Haha

  15. Wow! Makapunta nga dyan one of these days. :)


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