Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Journey to Ilonggoville: Guimaras Island

I must admit that I really, REALLY hate taking first flights.

You know, waking up at three thirty in the morning is not really my thing for I have to endure the ice-cold water from the shower and fight drowsiness. Oh, the laziness inside me.

Sunrise at Davao International Airport

It was around 4:15 AM when I finally arrived at the airport. I met up with my cousin and kaboom, a very long queue greeted us at the airport. But anyway we managed to squeeze our way to the check-in counter and waited for our 6:20 AM flight to Iloilo.

The sun was barely shining when we boarded the aircraft. One thing's for sure, I did not know what was in store for us . And oh, did I mention that my stomach constantly grumbled during the flight? Yeah, t'was a torture.

Stomach was still grumbling when the plane touched down at the new Iloilo Airport.

New Iloilo Airport, Sta. Barbara-Cabatuan, Iloilo

The new airport of Iloilo was pretty much decent compared to the old one located at Manduriao (near SM City Iloilo). Although the drawback of it is its location. It is very far from downtown Iloilo. Kapoy baya mag commute ug layo! But yeah, good thing was our aunt fetched us and had a hearty breakfast at Ted's.

OH YES. TED'S LA PAZ BATCHOY WAS THE BEST BREAKFAST  I HAVE EVER HAD. Unang araw pa lang sa Iloilo, winner na gid!

Ted's La Paz Batchoy. Photo courtesy of efrenefren

Guimaras Island

"Egjiewfjorwfuohuhfroeofregfeorre? Rafieofuwneorgid! Pekamdbaraojtioet?" my other aunt asked.

Of course I was still struggling with Hiligaynon, so I 'blindly' replied, "Opo". I did NOT have any idea what she was talking about, or so I thought. Ta ta ta ta? Ta ta ta ta!

Anyway, Guimaras Island reminds me of Samal Island! It is only 20 minutes away from downtown Iloilo and the beaches (and bitches, lol) there are so beautiful.

Me and my cousin

We ate our lunch at Raymen Beach Resort at Alubihod, Nueva Valencia (naks sosyal naman ng name!). And immediately after lunch came the biggest surprise of the trip - island hopping! Wow, we totally didn't expect that!

Waves crashin'

Beautiful view

The hare and the tortoise LOL

It was my first time to hold a live Pawikan! Yey!

Underwater cave at Guimaras!

Striking a pose at an uninhabited island

We toured around Guimaras and even ventured inside an underwater cave. But, I decided not to swim inside the cave because, ughhh, I forgot to bring my shorts! Sucks to be me. Kademet.

Well, despite the language difficulty I still enjoyed our Guimaras Island Hopping.

By the way, the island hopping tour costs Php 500 per hour.

Eewrpioewjprijewfw? Yoygrnjvioriovssgid!

I like that too!

Well, in my next post, I shall write about my misadventures in downtown Iloilo. Super fail to the highest level but I guess it's a memory that's worth reminiscing. Chos! 


  1. Namit gid man ang original batchoy sa Iloilo! ;)

  2. Have heard a lot about this place. Natawa ako the way you typed "Hiligaynon." LOL! Sarap ng batchoy!

  3. I have an officemate who is from Guimaras. Since then, dream ko na ang Guimaras. Sana madala na niya ko dun. Haha.

  4. I definitely want to go here.. buti ka pa nakahawak na ng hawksbill.

  5. pls tried to visits Bacolod city like Guimaras also there is beautifull beaches on here..and i knew you enjoyed your stays when u arrived..and Bacolod Silay airport also one of the most beautifull airport at the philippines,pls try to visits our place too..Guimaras is beautifull also

  6. Pinoy Travel Freak: I know right! Namit gid!!!

    Ding: HAHAHAHA OMG I'm so sabaw. I didn't understand kasi my aunt spoke way tooooooo fast! I can't even! Kaya ayun! :))

    Pack up and drift: You should visit Guimaras! It's a very nice place!

    Ivan: Yey dream come true talaga when I had the chance to hold a Hawksbill turtle!!!

  7. Parang ang sarap mag-explore sa underwater cave.

  8. i'v only been to guimaras 2-3x.. :) it's as big as metro manila in terms of land area..breathtaking views and great nature trip..

  9. Guimaras is one of my favorite trips of all time! sarap dyan kc tahimik... :)

  10. Agree! Although problema ko lang sa Guimaras is getting a decent cellphone signal! :)

  11. sarap balikan ang Guimaras for the beaches and caves.

  12. It's so nice here!!! Very clean and beautiful! :3


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