Sunday, November 20, 2011

Road Trip: Kidapawan, North Cotabato

Waking up is always the hardest thing to do. For me, it's a TORTURE!

These were the first few words I've heard when I woke up from my deep slumber (man it was the best sleep I've ever had) last Friday:

"Oh ano? Iwan ka nalang dito o sasama ka sa amin sa Kidapawan?"

What an awesome 'good morning' greeting. Yeah, and because I don't want to get stuck in our home together with our three noisy and forever hungry dogs, I groggily replied, "Opooooo sasaaamaaaa akoooo." I felt like a zombie that had gone back to life... back, back to life!

Kidapawan, the city hailed as “A Spring in the Highland”, comes from the words “TIDA” which means spring and “PAWAN” meaning highland. The city is found at the bottom of the majestic Mt. Apo, the country’s tallest mountain making it a great spot and first-rate tourist attraction. Kidapawan is situated at the southeastern section of Cotabato province, placed in the middle of three other major cities of Davao, Cotabato, General Santos, Koronadal, and Cagayan de Oro. Its first settlers were predominantly Manobos. The influx of Christian settlers from Luzon and the Visayas has resulted in the evolution of the word Tidapawan to Kidapawan.

Strategically located at the foot of Mount Apo, the Philippines' tallest peak at 10,311 feet above sea level, Kidapawan City bustles with renewed energy as it opens its doors to the world. Mount Apo and its other scenic attractions make the province of Cotabato a potential world-class tourist destination (Wiki, 2011).

From Davao, we traveled to different municipalities of Davao del Sur whilst enduring the pothole infested highway. Agay, akong lubot! Here are some photos:

Sports Stadium of Digos City, Davao del Sur. Kailan kaya magka-sports stadium ang Davao City?

Now entering the rubber capital of the country - Makilala, North Cotabato!

I wonder if they also manufacture tons of protective 'rubbers'. Jazzkeeding!

Smells like rubber spirit.

We ate late *lol rhyming* breakfast at Makilala.

Goat meat!

Finally, Kidapawan, North Cotabato!

Their city hall reminds me of Vatican. Cool architecture.

Say hello to my tita's dog!

I have been to Kidapawan a few times already; the most recent was last 2010. We went to Lake Agco and it was one of the steamiest adventures that I've had with my batch mates.

We stayed at our tita's house for lunch. We left Kidapawan around 3.30 PM.

Giant trees along the national highway.

Picturesque landscape somewhere in Bansalan, Davao del Sur.

The typical probinsiya photo.


Singapore - Merlion. Digos City - The Lion. LOL!

We stopped by at Mers. Bought a lot of rice cakes (bibingka) and other homemade pastries. Yaaammmy!

Expect more road trip stories soon! We might invade Cagayan de Oro City! :)


  1. This is the kind of road trip I want, deep into the heart of Mindanao. Kick-ass countryside scenery.

  2. Nice post. You didn't stay overnight? I want MERS!

  3. I've never been to Kidapawan Renz! Bongga! Sige ra ka'g travel. :D

  4. Marky: Buti nalang ganyan ang nature ng trabaho ng dad ko. Travel nang travel.

    Ate Ri: No we didn't stay overnight 'coz may gawin pa kami sa gabi eh. Hehe.

    Algene: Kidapawan is a nice place, gene. Lalo na ang Lake Agco! :D

  5. Indeed Kidapawan is a nice place! Each time I go back home, I make an effort to visit Kidapawan City.. Whenever I see the Landmark of Kidapawan City after a long drive. It calls, out to me and says.. relax! You are here! Welcome to Kidapawan City

    What does your dad do Renz?

  6. Hey! :) My dad's a sales agent. He always roam around Mindanao particularly in the Soccskargen area. :D

  7. Well, waking up early was all worth it, wasn't it? Kidapawan looks like a great place and I would love to try the goat meat! I love road trips and road parties when I have free time, I wish I could visit this place too. new york limo


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