Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pizzaccademia: The Newest Pizza House In Town!

Davao is indeed booming. A lot of business enterprises - malls, restaurants and others have sprouted like mushrooms. Well, this is good news for us Davaoeños since we are given more choices. Talking about convenience.

Several weeks ago I, together with some officers of Davao Bloggers, was invited to a newly-opened pizza house in Obrero near USEP and my alma mater, Stella Maris Academy of Davao. No wonder this new pizza house was aptly named Pizzaccademia.

Jordan Cuison, son of the former owner of Papa's Pizza had come up with an innovative concept to his new pizza house. The place is decorated with things that quickly resembles to a classroom - a giant blackboard which serves as their menu, textbooks and yearbooks that lay near the counter.  Of course, despite being new Pizzaccademia still retain their old school flavor, adapted from the original Papa's Pizza.

Pop Steak Sandwich

We first tried Pop Steak Sandwich, one of their bestsellers. The sandwich is made up of sliced premium tenderloin strips dipped in a mushroom gravy sauce and hugged by two soft buns. The savory goodness would just burst inside once you devour it. Nomnomnom. And did I mention that this heavenly meal costs only Php 75? Super affordable without compromising the taste!

We also tried some of their pizzas as well. Their pizzas are not too thick, not too thin and there's a generous amount of toppings on top of it. My personal favorites are Beer Drinker's and JB Quatro Stagione.

Beer Drinker's pizza - perfect for pulutan

JB Quatro Stagione

Pizzaccademia is definitely a perfect place to dine with your family friends at an affordable price. I must say that everything's worth it!

Don't miss their delicious pizzas! Pizzaccademia is located at Door 1, Tiffany's Place Building, Loyola St., Davao City.


  1. Sana nakasama to sa DFAT. =(

    Wala bang pics ng interior? Hahaha.

    1. I forgot to take pictures of the interior. HAHA! Check mo blog ni Mark about it, may photo siya sa interior. HAHA. Hopefully next year, kasama na to sa DFAT. Bago pa kasi to eh.

    2. LOL. wala din akong pics ng interior. Pero may nahanap akong album! Try ko i-Message sayo. :)

  2. The pop steak sandwich looks yummy!

  3. I prefer the photo of the pizza with more meat. You could probably take a poll on testing which types of pizza are popular in the resto and you'll be sure to receive a choice of pizza with the meatiest and cheesiest mixture with it.


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