Thursday, May 31, 2012

My New Travel Buddy: Headware

I've been traveling for almost a year now and within that period, I have been looking for accessories that would shield me from heat, dust and everything that is eecky and yucky. I considered of buying caps, scarfs and bonnets but that idea alone is expensive. PLUS, it will make my luggage bulkier.

But soon after, I discovered something that answered my traveling needs.

Who would've thought that this cool tubular piece of lightweight cloth has so many functions. Take a look at the following photos below:

It can function as a 'bandana' or bonnet.

It can also be used as a scarf/neck wrap to provide warmth on a cold weather. This is very useful if you're visiting high-altitude places where temperatures are notoriously cold.

It can also function as an armband!

It can be used as an effective eye cover or a mask for protection from dust and other eeky elements.

For girls, it can function as a bandana or an improvised, sorry for the lack of words, hairband.

True enough, this lightweight tubular cloth has so many uses. Of course, this cool thing works for all ages. I find Headware's designs awesome as they cater both genders. Pretty cool huh?

I'm proud to say that I'm a fan of Headware. It really made our heads happy!

Headware is available at the following stores:

  • Adventure Xchange
  • Bisikleta Davao
  • Bisikleta JP Laurel
  • Brat Pack - SM Davao
  • Brat Pack - Abreeza Mall
  • Chris Sports - Abreeza Mall
  • Everest
  • Habagat
  • Kurv Davao
  • Planet Sports - Abreeza Mall
  • Riverone Davao
  • Sports Depot
  • The Athelete's Foot - Abreeza Mall
  • The Travel Club - Abreeza Mall
  • The Travel Club – SM Davao

Like their Facebook and visit their website for more information!


  1. Thanks for blogging about us Renz! We like hearing stories from Happy Heads. Have you seen our new loop scarf? =)

    1. Hey headware! Nope, haven't tried it yet :D You're products are all awesome!

  2. at least puede din sa akin. because of the caption, "all ages". jejeje. Cool kaayo Renz....Mas bagay sa yo yong covering your face for dust cover.

  3. Looking great heads, this cool thing works for all ages. I find Headware's designs awesome as they cater both genders...


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