Monday, June 25, 2012

Where To Stay in Clark: Clearwater Resort and Country Club

Part of the itinerary of my first ever solo trip was to stay at Clearwater Resort and Country Club with Laken and Brenna at Clark, Pampanga.

Serene. Calm.

Frankly, I really thought that it's just an ordinary hotel along Clark and I was not really expecting grand or something. But when I woke up, I realized that this place was indeed a paradise.

It was around 5:15 in the afternoon when the bus finally left the terminal in Dagupan City, Pangasinan. At that time, I just came from the City of Pines. I was quite exhausted, knowing that I woke up early that day, as in 5:00 AM early. While I was inside the bus, I was looking forward to just eat a decent meal and rest. I actually didn't care about the place or what as I didn't research about it prior my trip. Apparently, the bus driver was driving too slow. It took us almost two hours before reaching Urdaneta City. Yes friends, URDANETA CITY. That's how slow my bus ride went. Agonizingly slow.

It was already nine in the evening when the bus arrived at Dao, Pampanga. Because there were no more jeeps plying the route of my final destination, I decided to hire one for Php 200.

FAST FORWARD. Got reunited with Brenna and Laken at around 10 in the evening. We walked to the back entrance of the resort. At first I didn't appreciate the amenities because it was too dark to see. Only a few lights illuminate the resort complex (haller, it's already late). After freshening up, we ate late dinner, took countless photos of us and talked as if there's no tomorrow.

(L-R) Brenna, yours truly and Laken

The next morning, I went outside to explore the place. I honestly got enamored by its beauty. There were a LOT of Acacia trees that provide shade along the pathways and the cottages were big, spacious and well maintained. The resort also has a manmade beach equipped with a beach volleyball court, a shooting range, a man-made lake and a golf course. Oh, did I mention that we stay in a Mongolian-inspired tent? What a cool concept!

Our Mongolian-inspired tent PLUS the unmade beds

Manmade beach

This day-trip destination and vacation spot is convenient, safe and accessible from Manila and other Asian cities. Located in Clark, Pampanga, Clearwater Resort and Country Club is a private resort hotel ideal for family bonding as well as company outing. Families with children can also hang out in tranquil, stress-free environment. They can unwind and relax near the lake or trees.

Other cottages

What a relaxing view!

There are several reasons why companies, schools, social groups and event organizers choose to hold their functions, events and picnics in the private event venues of Clearwater Resort and Country Club. Aside from the fact that Clearwater offers over 12 spacious and exclusive venues that can accommodate events from 50 to 5,000 people, the location offers unparalleled safety and security assurance.

Clearwater Resort and Country Club is located within the central business district of Clark Freeport Zone, Angeles City, Pampanga.

Clearwater Resort & Country Club
Creekside Road near Centennial Expo, Clark Freeport Zone,
Pampanga, Philippines 2023
Clark: (045)599-5949 0917-520-4403 0927-736-1790 0922-870-5177 

Manila Sales Office
3003C East Tower, Philippines Stock Exchange Center,
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Metro Manila, Philippines 1605
(632) 633-1566 0917-520-4393

Clearwater Resort and Country Club is indeed one of the best resorts in Pampanga! Don't forget to spend some quality time with your family or friends in Clearwtaer Resort and Country Club! You'll never regret it. Promise!


  1. Oh I just so love the mongolian inspired tent. I would have liked to stay there too. But due to time constraints and since my travel funds were low it didnot materialize. Hope to see you very soon Renz.

  2. Hi Chino! Kamusta? OMG Miss na miss ko na talaga mga hirit mo!!! Hope to travel with you soon! Woot!

  3. thanks for the info renz..planning to go there, maybe before the end of the year :) busy pa kasi..hehe

  4. thanks for sharing this is very informative

    nice to expirience =)

  6. wow!! the tents and really nice view will totally makes you feel so relaxed i guess!! xx

  7. wow...I love it...I haven't had my summer vacation yet...I 'll consider it. I love the room... :D

  8. It looks like a pricey accommodation. How much per night is the Mongolian-inspired tent? It's quite weird to see a bed inside a tent, hehehe... The place looks great for a weekend getaway.

  9. I was able to stay in Clearwater for several days with my family during Holy Week two years ago. The place is massive and a great place to retreat from the busy city life.

  10. Super breath taking ang place! I like 2nd photo and the mongolian- inspired tent! Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. me likey! it reminds me of my camping days :">

  12. OMG! Thank you for posting this.. at least I now have another place that I can suggest to my family this summer. This looks very family-friendly (believe me, I have a huge one!).. :))

  13. Beautiful place! I can remember this from friends' company outing. The tent looks cool! :)

  14. Nice one, Renz! I want to visit Clearwater na rin. Sabi dati ni yaya pupunta kami pero wala pa rin 0_0

    At kaloka, Dagupan to Urdaneta na two hours?! MehGawD!

    1. Tae, ang tagal ng bus ride na yun! Pero keri pa rin.

      Waaa dapat puntahan mo ang Clearwater! Ganda talaga ng place. Di mo akalain na may ganyan sa Clark :D

  15. lovely shot of the moon. And will definitely try this place.

  16. did not know such place exist in clark. never seen this one even though I have been there several times already.. thanks for sharing

  17. The place looks conducive to group activities. I'll suggest to my friends to consider this place for a tour.

  18. waaa! wala pa ko post ng clearwater teh! hahaha! lupet ng telephoto'd moon. :p

  19. I hope it's not exclusive for members only. nice place, perfect for out of town slumber parties

  20. wow! looks like a great place to visit.:-) looking forward to go there one of these days. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Great place to introduce people into camping. Hindi siya masyadong into the wild.

  22. hahaha! you were tired and had a long day that's all.
    This is a nice escape from metro!

  23. thanks for posting this, RM. will keep it in mind when we find ourselves in Clark.

  24. I like the place and how its kept! ^_^

  25. the small pond is the best palce to relax and feel the air.

  26. ganda ng lugar ah. parang tent lang. how was the rate per night?


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