Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dine at Montmartre Cafe of Grand Regal Hotel

After a sumptuous merienda at Dencio's Kamayan, we hopped in our designated vans and drove all the way to the Grand Regal Hotel, which is just five minutes away. My companions from Manila even complained that the ride was too short and they were expecting a 30-40 minute ride from Dencio's. Palibasa, busog pa kami, puno pa ang mga compartments ng tiyan namin!

But it's not an excuse though since this is just the beginning of our gluttonous affair!

After minutes of waiting at the lobby, a tall middle-aged man wearing the hotel's uniform and his long toque greeted us. Obviously, he was the hotel's head chef. Ladies and gentleman, meet Chef Ed Chavez. *clap clap clap*

Hola, Chef Ed!

Originally from Luzon, Chef Ed traveled all the way to Davao to share his expertise. During the informal interview, he told us that Davao is a very rich place in terms of resources. Everything is accessible most especially in food sources.

And for this particular food tour, he allowed us to taste his three specialties namely: Pork Dinakdakan, Grand Regal Crab with Sardines and Tomatoes and the Fiesta Pompano.

Grand Regal Crab with Sardines and Tomatoes

Pork Dinakdakan

Fiesta Pompano

Pork Dinakdakan is made up of pork belly, pork brain and pork ears and face mixed with mayonnaise, tomatoes, chili and onions. If I'm not mistaken, Dinakdakan is a famous Ilocano cuisine. I've tried it and it was really delicious! I really loved how the pork and mayonnaise filled my palate with a sweet, delicate taste.

The Grand Regal Crab has a generous amount of tomato sauce. More so, the crabs were also filled with sardines! Everyone seemed to enjoy it except me; I am not allowed to eat it as I am allergic to crabs. Yeah, I know right. My life sucks.

The Fiesta Pompano is my favorite - tilapia fish filled with diced onions, tomatoes, green mango, radish and ginger. The taste was also great!

I personally loved the fusion of Luzon and Davao cuisines. Chef Ed is indeed creative to think of new concepts. We were truly satisfied with what we have eaten at Montmartre Cafe.

Pronounced as Moe-mart. Sosyal diba!


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  1. How much are these? :)

  2. jealous much! if im not mistaken, food at grand regal costs a lot of money. but it looks like it's a good bang for the buck :)

  3. The food are mouth watering, I would love to try all of them if given a chance, haha. I don't know if it is just me but the chef looks like Eddie Garcia. Lol!

  4. looks like you had feast in this hotel =) i specifically like pork dinakdakan, i had first taste of this dish from XO Bistro. it has something crunchy in it like sisig. I didn't know it has pork brain in it =P

  5. Ang sarap naman nito! I really love crabs, pero umiiwas lang konti especially kapag nagpaparamdam ang asthma ko. Hehe.


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