Friday, June 1, 2012

Visit some of the World’s Geekiest Travel Spots – As recommended by Top Celebrity Geeks!

Although parts of the world has somewhat developed a hippy and care free vibe, look closely and behind this disguise lies a world of intellectual goodness that calls to geeks far and wide to indulge their innermost passions. If exploring medical oddities and spending a day creating some of that nostalgia from your childhood days beats sitting at the beach then read on as these may be the perfect travel hotspots for you, and they all come recommended by Top Celebrity Geeks from around the world! Note that you don’t have to be a geek to visit but of course it may be so much cooler if you are! 

Editor at Marvel, Ryan Penagos, says: “Without a doubt, you have to stop by Midtown Comics. They have three shops in Manhattan, each with its own vibe befitting its location, and they’re all packed to the gills with essentials for geeks of every ilk. I even brave the horrors of Times Square to get my comics from them” 

Britain’s top Geek Stephen Fry says: “I'd recommend the Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Road London. The best collection of medical art and paraphernalia in the world, and usually very fascinating and specific temporary exhibitions too. Always worth a visit and often overlooked” 

Author of “The Star Wars Craft Book Bonnie Burton says “Even though Skywalker Ranch is off-limits to the public, fan boys and fan girls everywhere can still stop by and pay homage to George Lucas in front of the Yoda fountain at Lucasfilm's Presidio campus in San Francisco. The statue, created by artist Lawrence Noble, pays tribute to the petite, but wise, Jedi Master Yoda who trained Jedi to believe in the ways of the Force. On weekdays, the Lucasfilm main lobby is also open to the public — so be sure to visit and get your photo taken in front of costumed mannequins of Boba Fett and Darth Vader” 
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