Friday, July 27, 2012

Seafood Overload at E.Y.'s Tuna

The second to the last stop for the second day of Sooo Pinoy Davao Food Trip was E.Y.'s Tuna, where we feasted ourselves with seafoods!

E.Y.'s Tuna is just one of the newest and most competitive Tuna restaurants here in Davao City. E.Y. stands Eloisa Yee, the owner's name. The restaurant started its service last November 2010 serving their homemade dishes as a starting menu of fried chicken and a discovery of cooking various tuna dishes. From a small tent in Tagum City's night market food streets, they brought E.Y.'s Tuna here in Davao City. Sustaining the healthy diet of every customer was their number one priority. Due to the unwavering  demand, E.Y.'s Tuna was inspired to create, develop and innovate more recipes.

Main dishes include sizzling lemon belly, crispy buntot, E.Y.'s fried chicken, crabs with oyster, sautéed chrimp with garlic and deep fried belly with garlic. Appetizers also include Kinilaw regular, Kinilaw Cebu, crispy crablets, crispy kangkong, crispy tendon and calamares. And don't forget their delectable soups - Imbao soup from Cebu, Mixed seafood soup, sinigang na sugpo, tinolang native chicken, tinola/sinigang na belly.

Vegetarians will also love E.Y.'s Tuna as they offer yummy veggies - chopsuey, adobong kangkong, pinakbet, and homemade lao-uy.

The experiment and innovation continues up to this date just to make their loyal customers and satisfied.

E.Y.'s Tuna is located along Buhangin Road and Lacson Street of Obrero.

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