Saturday, July 28, 2012

Still Can't Get Over with Flyover Ihaw-ihaw!

We finally reached the last stop of the second day of Sooo Pinoy Food Trip Davao - Flyover Ihaw-ihaw. Catchy name, isn't it?

Flyover Ihaw-ihaw was conceived on the 18th day of November 1994. I can still remember those days when this particular BBQ house was still constructed along the bustling Buhangin road. It was named as such because during that time, the Buhangin Flyover was still under construction. A lot of commuters and PUV (Public Utility Vehicles) would drop by here and eat their famous pork and chicken barbeques.

And friends, here's a list of what we ate:

Truly, it won the hearts of not just Davaoeños, but both international and local tourists as well. Today, it runs for almost two decades and still continues to serve mouthwatering dishes. Flyover Ihaw-ihaw continues to enhance the flavor of each dish in their menu to perfectly satisfy the palates of their customers. It truly offers mouthwatering food, superb quality service and the best part of it is that all of their dishes are sold at reasonable prices!

Talking about a complete package!

This will definitely make people to come back at Flyover Ihaw-ihaw!

Flyover Ihaw-ihaw has two known branches and are located at Buhangin and Matina (near Water District).



  1. and the kare-kare beckons...yummy!

  2. SARAP lalo na yung kare-kare! nagutom ako bigla! haha

  3. omg! You just made me so hungry! Ok, this is definitely going on my itinerary for my weekend foodscapade! yum!!!!

  4. Goodluck waiting sa order niyoApril 6, 2015 at 12:36 PM

    Matina branch is crap! I prefer eating at Buhangin branch. Sa Matina, mabagal na service, nakatunganga pa ang waiter. I was left waiting for more than an hour for just 2 viands!! I ordered softdrinks for my family for more than 6 times and wala man lang nag asikaso.


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