Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Things I Hate About Flying

Traveling around the Philippines is indeed challenging. In order to maximize time, one has to fly from one island to another. But today, every Juan can now fly, thanks to the promo fares of the local LCCs (low cost carriers). Flying has never been this convenient. Sometimes, I even availed some of their promos and I did save time and money!

But there are some drawbacks about it. Here are some of the things that I hate about flying around the country.

1) Seater Looter

These people do not really know how to read their boarding pass, I tell you. There was one time when a middle-aged man claimed my spot (aka my seat assignment). I politely asked him to transfer to his assigned seat because I reserved that seat in the first place. But he was like, "Ano ba yan, nakaupo na ako tapos uutusan mo pa ako na lilipat sa kabilang upuan?!". Funny thing was, I was assigned at 23F and the middle-aged man was assigned at 23E. I remained calm because I do not want to create a commotion. He eventually gave his seat to me.

But still, he ruined my day. Seriously.

2) Amazing Racers wanna-be.

I don't understand why some of the passengers are always on a hurry to disembark the plane. Okay, fine... you're in a hurry, but please follow the safety procedures of the aircraft. Do not remove your seatbelt until the aircraft is on its full stop. One time, I got almost hit by a BIIIG luggage because a careless woman was in a hurry to get it. The careless woman didn't even bother to say sorry to me. Bitch.

3) The Walking Salmon

If you're seated at the rear section of the aircraft, exit at the rear section and NOT at the front section of the aircraft. Just go with the flow. Simple as that!

4) Irate Pirates

Delays and cancellation of flights are inevitable. Usually, flights are delayed due to air traffic (it's actually common to congested airports like NAIA) and cancelled due to (i) aircraft is under repair; and (ii) due to severe meteorological conditions such as typhoon, zero visibility or severe thunderstorm. A LOT of people do not realize the danger of flying on a bad weather. If you have any questions about delays or cancellations, deal the situation calmly. 

Enjoying the view despite everything.

5) Screamo Kiddo

I am not a fan of babies and kids flying on board. It's so stressful when they start to cry as soon as the plane takes off. More so, some spoiled kids cry so loud because they did not want to wear their seatbelt. Those are the moments when I wanted to strangle someone. LOL just kidding. But you get my point. It's the worst form of torture, I tell you.

6) Lavatory Lovers

There's usually a queue to use the toilets so why do some people want to spend half-an-hour inside? Particularly when you consider it's a tiny cubicle that usually smells. Ewww.

7) Recline your manners, please.

This point alone is worth splashing out for an upgrade to business class. JESUS CHRIST.

8) Seat mate predicament.

I've already encountered the following: the creepy one, the one who hog the armrest, the one who laughs loud, the one who snores, and the one who smells REALLY bad. It was the longest two hours of my life.


Those were just one of my few bad experiences on board. Although, I would still consider it as one of the best ways to travel here in the Philippines. I do hope that every Juan should follow ALL instructions and must be more sensitive to others.

The simplest rules seem to be the most difficult to follow. 



  1. Last time when I got home, MNL-DVO . A family seated same lane with me. I seated on the window and just put the plug on my ears to lessen the noise from engine. But the squeaking sound of their kiddo is really unbearable, and I almost lost my patience, I just made an eye contact with the kid and flash him with unfriendly face. Somehow it works and his muted for the rest of 1hr 45 mins flight. Good thing his parents was polite and courteous enough to say sorry. Or else tumambay nako sa Lavatory. hahaha

  2. what i hate the most is the crying and screaming of those spoiled to the rotten kids. sa tagal ko nag-alaga ng mga kapatid ko, alam ko na kung ano ang iyak ng nagugutom, nasasaktan or purely papansin lang. yung papansin ang talagang nakakabanas. iiyak then bibigyan ng distraction tapos makita mo na wala ng luha or anything, tahimik for a few seconds, then ngangalngal ng parang kinakatay na naman.

    ugh!!! badtrip pa na katabi ko sila ng mom nya when it happened. sarap kurutin and pagsabihan. yung nanay naman puro, "shhh...sshhhh" . obvious na spoiled yung bata. tsk.

  3. Well, it's the Philippines :)

  4. and that's makes more fun in the philippine airlines!


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