Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Art Fair Philippines

Last weekend seemed ordinary to me. Because I didn't want to rot inside our house, I decided to tag along with my classmates. Destination: SM Megamall and St. Francis Square. Wrong move. Consider this case: Three girls, looking for a cool black leather shoes in the middle of tiyange filled with shoppers. Spell deeezzzaaazzzterrr. Thank god for mobile internet - it saved me from eternal damnation. LOLJK.

So by 3PM, I decided to drop by at Robbie's condo and poof, he invited me to visit Art Fair Philippines in Makati. I haven't been to an Art Fair before. I gave it a shot, hoping that my Sunday wouldn't be a junk.

Art Fair Philippines 2013 showcases the best in Philippine modern and contemporary art in an alternative urban setting, at the heart of Metro Manila’s business and commercial district. The art fair was held at The Link, located at the heart of Makati CBD. For only Php 100, we explored several parts of what used to be a vacant parking space. I was really amazed by it! How could a seemingly artless parking space transformed into a brilliant art space? Brilliant... just brilliant.


Modern Contemporary Art

These two galleries actually stood out and literally took my breath away: Mimefield of Mark O. Justiniani and Asphalt of Gabriel Barredo. These two rooms were dimly lit for a purpose. Well, it's like entering a new dimension - surreal and different! I got giddy upon entering Mimefield. It was a fusion of Physics and art! Who would have thought that science can be a great form of art?

See these for yourself!

Staring at an endless void.

Fire away, fire away.

Clearly, science and art can coexist with each other!

Asphalt was another different realm. The use of machineries and the dim lighting had this creepy feeling, in a good way of course. It reminded me of Salvador Dali's works. Well... actually... it seemed that Dali's works came to life!

Here are some artworks that caught my attention.

To Kill a Mockingbird


It took us an hour and a half to tour around the fair and I think it was not enough because I was REALLY hungry during that time. It was nice to have this kind of event which is open to the public. Spending a hundred bucks to this was really worth it!!! I just realized that there are so many talented people here in our country, and I think they deserved to get recognitions in this field. Here's the complete list of the fair's exhibitors. Be sure to visit there sites!

I am looking forward to attend art exhibits in the near future!

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