Thursday, February 21, 2013

Top 10 Tips for the Perfect Round the World Trip

Deciding to take a round the world trip is a huge deal that requires a lot of thought and effort to ensure the best possible, once in a lifetime experience. Here’s how to make your round the world experience hassle free and amazing, from the planning stages to the return flight home!

1 – Early Prep

Once the seed of desire for a round the world trip has been planted, it’s time to work on the practicalities of turning it from a mere pipe dream into an exciting reality.

Money is usually a big factor to consider. You’ll need to fund not only your round the world tickets but also your accommodation, food and excursion costs, as a bare minimum. The good news is that there’s a round the world trip to suit every budget, from those looking to take a backpacking gap year to those looking for a luxurious once in a lifetime travel experience.

If you’re working, you’ll need to talk to your boss about your plans to determine whether you would need to give up your job or whether a sabbatical or extended holiday could be a possibility. Think carefully about giving up your job and consider what you will do on your return from your trip and your future plans.

2 – How Long?

It may be that work determines the length of your trip. If that’s not the case then it may be determined by budget, or the length of time you can stand to be away from your home comforts and loved ones. Be sure to keep your trip to a practical, affordable and enjoyable length.

3 - Who With?

Some dream of heading off into the great blue yonder alone, whereas others will prefer to share the adventure. If you are planning on travelling with friends or a partner, make sure that you’re prepared to compromise to make it the perfect trip for all involved.

4 – Deciding on an Itinerary

Head to the Trailfinders website for some fantastic itinerary ideas that work well logistically. When you book with a travel specialist anything is possible, but you’d be wise to listen to advice with regards to tried and tested routes.

5 - Learning the Lingo

Try to learn at least some basic phrases for each destination. Or download an easy translation app such as iTranslate to your mobile.

6 – Hand Luggage Essentials

Be sure to keep all of your essential documents on you at all times in your hand luggage, including passport, tickets, insurance, visas, cash/cards/cheques and any essential medication.

7 – What to Pack

Research the individual climates of all the destinations on your hit list. Hopefully there won’t be a huge difference and you can simply pack for one climate. Be sure to consider any excursions or activities that you want to do and pack accordingly or research if and where you can rent required items once there.

8 – Travel Tips

There are some simple items that will make long flights and overland journeys far more manageable, including: an inflatable travel pillow, a blanket or shawl, thick socks, earplugs, eye mask and a good book!

9 – On Arrival

You should have researched your destinations and have an idea of what you’d like to do when you get there. Take some time to get your bearings and plan out the next few days.

10 - Treasure the Memories

While the memories of a round the world trip may unfortunately fade, photos and videos won’t! Be sure to record your big trip so that you can treasure the memory of your big adventure forever.


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