Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fancy February

The runway symbolizes that I am ready to fly. LOLJK this is just a totally unrelated photo. Was planning to make a collage of photos but naaahhh, to lazy to do it.

Hola folks! How's everyone? Well, I've literally missed a lot of people today as much as I missed traveling! This post is not going to be travel related (more or less). More so, this blog is slowly transforming from travel to personal... uhh... wait! This is still a travel blog considering that I still tell stories about my recent ATC training adventures (excuses... excuses... ehem). But still you get my point, right?

February's half way done and surprisingly, it didn't suck!

Celebrating Hearts Day

I never liked February because I believed it was only meant for couples (see also: I hate seeing cuddly and mushy couples especially when they wear their couple shi[r]ts). For a twenty-two year old, it's immature to associate February to those superficial things. But everthing had changed days before Hearts Day. I finally had the guts to ask out a girl for a date. YES, ladies and gentlemen. It was my FIRST date ever. Hurray! Bigyan ng jacket!!! But seriously though, it took me millions of newtons to do such! Such a heavy workload to accomplish a seemingly simple task. Good thing, my date was nice enough to accept my offer. *Phew*

<3 <3 <3 *giggles*

It went well, of course. Like all other people did, we both went to a fancy restaurant at Resorts World, gave her dark chocolates and milk tea. <3 <3 <3 Ayeee kilig! But whatever, we're starting to know each other. We talked about our interests, the scariest moments of our lives, life at the training center and everything that fancies us.

The month of February is not just limited to couples (and couples-in-the-making - LOLANORAW). Love exists everywhere and is present all year round! Look around you, fella! You have your family and friends who always love you no matter what.

Training Bloopers

Before becoming a licensed Air Traffic Controller, one has to undergo an intense and rigorous training for about 10 months. But despite the sleepless nights and the stress that we had experienced (and will experience lol tagal pa ng graduation!!!), it was still fun nonetheless. We were divided into three groups: Aerodrome (Tower), Approach Control, and Area Control (Enroute). My first facility assignment was Approach Control. To tell you frankly, controlling arriving and departing aircraft is HARDER than I thought. There are so many things to consider - minimum enroute altitude, traffic, separation minima, approach procedures of each runways, weather, and et cetera.

After the theoretical phase, we were subdivided into three more groups in preparation for the laboratory phase. In the laboratory phase, we were taught on how to handle traffic procedures using flight strips (procedural / conventional control). During the dry runs, we always commit mistakes, almost all of them were funny (don't worry, we learned a LOT from it). Everyday, we'd laugh our hearts (and guts and lungs... eww kadiri) out simply because our dry runs were unintentionally funny.

(Clockwise starting upper left) Enroute Chart of Philippines, Taxiway Echo 5, Hotel 1 and Runway 24 of NAIA, Aerodrome Control laboratory, and Departure and arrival flight strips.


Pilot: Approach, this is Qantas one niner, number two engine is out and we are declaring an emergency. Request priority and instructions.
Classmate: Qantas one niner, roger. Uhm... what is your intention?

*HAHAHA! Emergency nga diba?!


Tower: Approach, Qatari six four six executed missed approach due strong tail wind. Wind now at two zero zero at one five knots.
Classmate: Tower, say again knots?
Tower: Knots!



Classmate: Philippine eight one three, ATC clearance ready, advise when ready to copy.
PAL 813: Ready to copy, ma'am!
Classmate: Philippine eight one three, cleared for VOR/ILS approach runway 06... ay ay ay! Wait! Correction!


Classmate: Tower, confirm landing of Zest four two one.
Tower: Negative, still on short final.
Classmate: Okay, call me later ha!

Despite the stress, we still have time to laugh our own mistakes!

I Made Face

I discovered this app days ago and enjoyed it. The app allows you to create your own avatar. *EHEM* This is my 'unbiased' cartoon version:

Kamukha ko naman, diba? Diba? Diba? Diba? Very good.

Looking Forward

Two things in my mind right now: To ace the finals and visit Clark for the Hot Air Balloon Festival! My classmates and I were planning for this weeks ago and I can't contain my excitement! I've never been to a hot air balloon festival before. Oh wait, scratch that. I HAVE NEVER SEEN A HOT AIR BALLOON IN REAL LIFE! But first, we have to pass our final lab exam before we go to our next facility - Area Control Center.

Wish us luck!

PS: Gonna spend my Holy Week in Davao!!! Can't hardly wait! I so so so so so miss Davao! :(


Found these at Comic Alley, SM Megamall

PPPS: All photos were taken from my Instagram account. FOLLOW ME.

PPPPS: ... uhh, disregard.


  1. Bagay kau ng girl natawa ako dun sa conversation drill nio wahaha

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  3. yaaaaaaaay!!! she's pretty! say hi for me :P

    nutsssss! LOOOOOOOOOL

  4. "Look around you, fella! You have your family and friends who always love you no matter what."

    Yeah well nothing beats a girlfriend still! Wahaha


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