Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Top Ten Things too see in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo credit: lasvegas.com
Going to Las Vegas may sound like a trip you don't really need to organize, however since the whole city is built for tourists there are a lot more things to do there than you might think. This is why it is so important to plan out your journey. To help you with this here is the top ten things you should check out in Vegas.

10. The Spa

You may not realise it but many of Vegas’s hotels have top class spas in them, so if you are looking for somewhere to go and relax after a long day on the strip look no further than one of the many spas available.

9. The New York – New York roller coaster

This roller coaster takes you on a trip around the New York – New York hotel which itself is a sight to see as it is a compressed version of the city that never sleeps.

8. The Clubs
There are so many to choose from in Las Vegas that you are bound to have a good night out if you go to a couple different ones such as LAX at the Luxor.

7. Breakfast buffet at the Wynn
This may not sound like something to go and see but when you get there you will understand just how good a breakfast can be.

6. Guy Savoy
This is the restaurant that you want to go to if you want to eat the most creative food on the planet, here you will find some of the best French food in America.

5. The Eiffel Tower
Just like being able to go around New York in Vegas there is also an Eiffel Tower too that you can go to the top of and look out over the whole city.

4. The Venetian
Why not take a gondola ride around a fake version of the Italian city of Venice? Well in Vegas you can do just that at the Venetian.

3. Cirque du Soleil
This is one of the greatest shows on earth filled with the best gymnasts from around the world including ones who have competed at the Olympics. This is a night out you will never forget.

2. Bellagio Fountains
You may wonder how going to see a fountain could make it so high on this list, however, if you take the time to go see this amazing sight during the day and then again at night you will understand.

1. The Casinos
In Vegas gambling is the name of the game and so going to the casinos is the main reason why you would book the trip, if you started out at an online casino such as iPhoneCasino.com.au you will enjoy all the same games in real life in some of the best casinos in the whole world.



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  3. did you try their $50 Buffet for 24 hrs in different Buffet Rest? Cesar's Palace says it's the best one and Hard Rock came 2nd... Except for #9 & #3 and #4 - just watched the people riding in it since the line were hecka long! , I've experience a little not a lot since I more incline to go shopping at the Premium Outlet.. oh wait.. you should include that though... ;D - Will try to go back again next year, although my husband do the driving more than me (10 to 11 hrs from the Bay Area).

    Overall.. great blog kiddo! Glad that you're experiencing all these travels... Pag-ayo-ayo baya! ;D God Bless ug Madayaw (it's Kadayawan 2013 and missing it very much! )

  4. oh btw.. I'm Marisian too - batch 1979! ;D


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