Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Travel Essential: Smartphone

Photo by: thetechblock.com

Roughly three years ago, when the term "Smartphones" was new to me, I thought that it was unnecessary to own one, especially when you live in a third world country. I thought that touch screen phones were way too fancy for my taste, or a Wi-Fi/3G enabled phone was already too much for me. And besides I have a laptop. I could always go to a coffee shop or any Wi-Fi enabled shops for me to access the realm of internet. Or so I thought.

I never thought that I'd own one sooner than I thought and I really valued its importance.


Smartphones, be a Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy, Apple's iPhone, or any other brands out there, have awesome features - kick-ass camera quality, productivity apps, quick access to social media network sites, and many more. Basically, a smartphone can almost do everything. And like us, it has the ability to do multiple processes on a single touch. Talking about convenience!

For tech-savvy and travelers alike, owning a smartphone is a blessing. Going back to the time when I still had the freedom to travel around the country, I always make sure that I'd always bring my laptop, DSLR camera (comes with a bazooka-like lenses) notebook and pen, mp3 player, connectors, clothes, toiletries, and of course, my tickets and money. It would be a hassle to bring all these gadgets and equipment, considering that I am only allowed to travel 'light'. But if I had my smartphone, I'd just leave my laptop, camera, lenses, and other connectors at home (but I'd still bring my camera if I want to practice my photography skills teehee). Less clutter, more space, and more convenient.

Some photos taken by my iPhone.

And whenever my sense of direction fails me, there's Google Maps! Like Dora the Explorer's talking map, Google Maps allows you to view your present location and direction and is capable to suggest to... you know, check-out some cool places or establishments nearby. The only catch is that, it does not have eyes, mouth, ears, and a nose. Lol

People have this notion that owning a smartphone is a form of luxury. Initially, it was really expensive and only the elite members of the society could afford it. But because of the high demand, positive reviews and competition between smartphone manufacturers, smartphones became more affordable and more accessible to the public. Plus, consumers now have wider choices; they can buy smartphones according to their needs.

Lastly, one shouldn't worry about the data plan. Prepaid users can avail unlimited mobile internet for only Php 50/day. Although, one should be responsible enough to turn off the data plan when it's not in use. This will avoid unnecessary charges, especially for postpaid users.

Smartphones are just one of the innovation of today's technology. It made our lives more convenient and easier. Just don't forget to interact with REAL people sometimes. *wink*



  1. Thats right sir, Smartphones are big help. As newbie traveller I dont need to bring everything. Especially whenever there's unexpected event that you think fit for your blog and you know for sure that you have your fone with you. Definitely malaking tulong talaga siya. Like your blog ngayon ko lnag navisit.

    Hoping to have exchange link with you idol. I already added yours. Salamat. Here's mine pala:

    1. Yeah! Never thought smartphones are so important these days.

  2. 100% true friend, businessmen seriously need the help of smartphones, this invention is a pretty important and useful one. Smartphones make life easier than ever.


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