Thursday, April 25, 2013

Postcard: From Junk to Art

Awesome street art at KK.

While strolling around downtown Kota Kinabalu, we passed by this particular abandoned lot, adjacent to the mall. We surmised that a building once stood there, and got demolished after some time. Its foundations were the only remaining part. Somehow, it was vandalized using spray paints and other similar materials. I am not a fan of street art because I'd always associate it with gang, drugs, and other manifestations of an evil and malevolent spirit (lolwhat). Sounds OA, but true story, bro.

My perceptions however changed after visiting this particular spot at downtown KK.


Unlike other street arts that I have seen, this one in KK seemed to be drawn in an orderly manner. It's one of the spots in Kota Kinabalu that you should not miss!!!

I just wanna go back to KK now!!!




  1. i hope to visit this street one day. nice one!

  2. awesomeness.. i can imagine the kids there running wild with their paint.. wild!


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