Monday, November 11, 2013

Ramen Party at Kichitora of Tokyo

Paitan Ramen
Ramen Night!

Eating noodles (or let me just write 'ramen', for fancy writing purpose) for lunch or dinner is not really my thing because the only people who do that are those who are sick and require urgent TLC - no, not the tomato-lettuce-catsup, but Tender-Loving-Care. Lol.

My good old friend (yes, emphasis on OLD) invited me on his post birthday celebration at a nearby ramen house in Glorietta 5. Quite a bit excited though because I am tired of eating the same food all over again whenever I'm home.

Kichitora of Tokyo is located at the third floor of Glorietta 5. They serve authentic Japanese ramen noodles and other Japanese cuisines. Robbie recommended their Paitan Ramen. It is a salt or soy-sauce based white chicken soup ramen made using their 24-hour chicken broth, topped with chicken or pork (your choice), bamboo shoots, green  vegetables, spring onions, and fried garlic bits. I also ordered an extra molten egg to make my ramen even more delicious.

Additional order: molten egg for Php 40

Thick and rich noodles.

It is a bit pricey but when I saw how big their serving was, sulit naman pala eh! By the way, Paitan Ramen's broth soup was truly a winner. That made me finish the whole bowl in just one sitting. It was THAT delicious... well, delicious is an understatement, to be honest with you guys.

And believe it or not, I got full and satisfied all because of ramen!

Kichitora of Tokyo's ambience was nice, as well as its zen-like interior. On top of that, their staff were very courteous, attentive, and nice. Superior customer service! You should also try their Paitan Ramen even if you're not a fan of ramen! Definitely worth your time and budget!

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