Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tomorrow Is Always A Brighter Day

Tomorrow's a brighter day.

It's been a while since the last time we visited Plaridel Airport here in Bulacan. Unlike our previous visit, we are required to stay longer... at least three weeks (of course, we are still allowed to go home during our breaks, that is, if you're willing to sacrifice your time and EFFORT in commuting back to the metro, hehe).

The past few days were really tough. The whole country mourned after the gruesome images of of the Yolanda aftermath circulated the world wide web. It was tagged as one of the most powerful storm system generated this year. It had wreaked unimaginable havoc starting from the eastern Visayas region up to the northern Palawan region, where tens of thousands were believed dead and hundreds of thousands homeless in this ordeal. Not to mention that the primary road networks to the affected areas are impassable, making the delivery of the relief goods more difficult than it was anticipated.

I do have relatives from my maternal side in Tacloban City. That makes me half-Waray, so to speak. I have already been to Central (Cebu, Siquijor, and Dumaguete) and Western (Iloilo, Aklan, Kalibo, Boracay) Visayas but never set foot to Eastern Visayas.

These disasters had made me realize that I haven't extensively traveled Philippines, my own country. I never had the chance to visit the historical churches of Bohol, but now it's been reduced to rubble, destroyed by a strong magnitude 7.2 quake. Although, I still consider myself lucky since I had visited a few in southern Cebu and Siquijor last year, but I still missed the religious landmark of the Kingdom of Tarsiers. It's part of my bucket list and sadly, I should remove it because it's useless for now.

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And there goes Yolanda, who had swept different towns in Visayas in which Tacloban was one of the hardest hit cities due to its geographical location. The storm surge had battered the city so hard that it left thousands of lives homeless. Even their airport wasn't spared! I got worried since I have relatives there, but at least days after the communication blackout, they're okay.

I know Philippines will rise again. Never mind the negativity that's been circulating in the world wide web. Bangon, Tacloban. Uswag Visayas. Bangon, Pilipinas! The Filipino Spirit will always be stronger than any super typhoons in the world.

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