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Brilliant Destination Ideas For The Best Stag Party For Your Friends

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A stag party, like the wedding that follows, needs to be an event that forges life-long memories, as well as strengthening friendships. Today there are plenty of options for people who want to host a particularly special party. Here is a look at just some of the top destinations.

If you are organizing a stag party then there is probably a lot on your plate, with expectations running sky-high and pressures mounting as the big day approaches.

If you want to avoid a quiet night at the local pub, then taking a full stag weekend away to a different part of the country or the world is fun and affordable thanks to sites like Red7 Leisure.

This overview of a few top destinations for your next stag weekend will keep the groom and the guests happy, all of which can be found via Red7 Leisure.

1. Southern UK Weekenders

For people looking to party in the south, London is probably the obvious choice. With hundreds of attractions and entertainment options to keep you occupied in the day and the best nightlife around, the British capital is difficult to beat.

Brighton is also a good place to host a stag, with the sea air, stony beaches and wide selection of eateries, drinking holes and cool coffee shops. The music and comedy scenes are vibrant in this coastal metropolis, with seafront accommodation giving you attractive views to boot.

2. Northern UK Stag Adventures

The north of the country is just as hospitable to stag parties as the south, with Newcastle always a good place to paint the town red. Friendly locals, plenty of pubs and clubs and lots to do in the surrounding area will keep everyone occupied and satisfied.

Heading north of the English border and on to Edinburgh might be a good idea if you want to indulge in some highland culture and have a good time with friends. This historic city has great night time destinations and some of the best whisky around.

3. European Stag Parties

A continental weekend break is an attainable alternative to domestic stag parties and with cheap flights to many destinations from UK airports, there are few boundaries to an enjoyable time away. Budapest in Hungary has become a hit with Brits thanks to its cultural heritage and great party scene, with clubs and bars open until the early hours.

Amsterdam will also keep your stag party in good spirits, with beautiful canals, pleasantly flat and easy to navigate roadways and lots to see and do during the day and at night.

4. Jet Set Fun

If your ambitions for the stag party cannot be contained within the bounds of Europe then taking things further afield will give you access to a particularly memorable experience.

America is attracting a growing number of stags, with New York being perhaps the most appropriate party destination. Bright skies flanked by towering buildings give way to diverse streets, with more to see and do than almost any urban centre on the planet.

Las Vegas in sun-drenched Nevada might be another appropriate venue for your stag, with tens of thousands of hotel rooms available and many of the world-famous casinos you will have seen in Hollywood movies where you can indulge in a little gambling or just watch the weird, wonderful visitors pass by.

Wherever you decide to hold your stag party, make sure that you have properly prepared and chosen a destination that is most appropriate for the guests you invite.

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