Tuesday, March 21, 2017

7 great health benefits of a juice detox

Juice detoxing involves taking a break from solid foods for a certain period to see fast and effective results. Cleansing with juice can often be the best, and tastiest, way to treat your body to the detoxifying that it needs. Here is a list of 7 great health benefits that will turn your mind to a serious juice detox, whether you want to try it at home or visit a specialised retreat. 

1. Focus your mind

Any detoxing requires a lot of focus and determination, two things that require strength from your mind. Spending a considerable amount of time focusing on one thing will benefit you both in the short and long term, helping you combat things such as stress and anxiety much better. 

2. Achieve optimum health

As your body rids itself from impurities, any disorders that you may suffer from such as constipation, acid reflux, and high blood pressure could potentially be improved during your time detoxing. Remember that when you’re detoxing with juice, you should still drink enough water throughout the day. 

3. Lose weight

One of the main reasons that people are attracted to a juice detox is the positive effect it can have on weight loss. With juicing, you should both feel and see the effects immediately, and it has been proven that drinking at least eight ounces of fresh fruit or vegetable juice a day for approximately 12 weeks can help you lose at least 4 pounds of weight. 

4. Rest your body

Our bodies usually invest around 70% of their energy to digest the food that we consume. A detox will give your chance a body to rest and heal from this and allows your digestive system to rest and your liver to filter out any toxins it may have accumulated. 

5. Get rid of toxic elements 

Toxic elements can be anything from gluten, refined sugar, dairy or alcohol. A detox should encourage your body to rid itself of impurities and balance your pH levels. If done well, and regularly, a small lifestyle change such as this should have long-lasting effects on your body and mind. 

6. Feel like a new and better you

The key to any juice cleanse is commitment, and if you follow it through until the end, you should feel like you’ve achieved something great alongside feeling better both physically and mentally. A juicing retreat will also allow you to meet a whole new network of people who can motivate you and give you advice on how to achieve your goals. 

7. Rid yourself of bad habits

One of the biggest bad habits we have is bad snacking, and this often causes unwanted stress and strain on our bodies. Winding up our internal clockwork in such a way can cause troublesome health concerns that could be improved with a period detoxing. However, you should never feel as though you’re starving on a juice cleanse so you should make sure that you juice as regularly as you need to to satisfy your appetite. 

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