Thursday, March 30, 2017

Eat Street: Viet Café

Hello, Pho!

When I traveled to Vietnam three years ago, I fell in love with their food. There's something about their food - its aroma, texture, and taste. Although, most people won't believe me because (i) Vietnamese are fond of eating green and leafy vegetables and spices; which brings us to (ii) I literally hate those green and leafy veggies. But, thanks to traveling, I gradually opened my mind to try non-Filipino cuisines. I have read somewhere that in order to fully experience a foreign culture, try their food. I can still vividly remember the first time I tasted Pho noodles. It was bliss. Since then, I have been craving for an authentic Vietnamese food. There are a few Vietnamese restaurants in Davao however, the price isn't worth it.

A few months ago, there's this fairly new Vietnamese restaurant that opened along Cervantes Street in Obrero, the newest food destination in Davao. Nothing's fancy about the facade of this tiny café, to be honest. But I tell you... You'll never go wrong with their Bahn Mi, Saigon Style Milk Coffee (Bac Xiu), Pho Noodles, Vietnamese Pizza, and Egg Coffee (Cà Phê Trứng) (yes, you read it right).

Viet Café is one of my happy places in Davao. The food is exceptional, the serving time is not too long, and the staff is friendly.

Saigon Style Milk Coffee (Bac Xiu) - PHP 75

Banh Mi is life!

Pho Noodles - PHP 129

Viet Cafe
Cervantes Generoso Street, Bo. Obrero, Davao City

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