Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Top 4 Experiences to try in Spain

Looking for new experiences? We’ve cherry picked a few of the best opportunities Spain has to offer, from scenic mountains to rich, diverse culture.

Picos de Europa

Translating to the "Peaks of Europe" – and often known as the Picos – this mountain range, situated 20km from the Northern coast of Spain, provides a stunning backdrop to a range of activities, from the serene to the adventurous. Bridging the Cantabrian, Asturias and Castile and León regions, these impressive peaks are part of the Cantabrian range. The origin of the name comes from the belief that they were the initial view of Europe for approaching American ships.

The Picos are appealing to tourists throughout the year, with the seasons evolving the landscape, providing new activities and opportunities. With the highest peak – Torre de Cerredo – towering at 2,650 metres, the winter season brings some of the best snow conditions on the continent. From ski touring holidays to snowshoeing, the Picos are a destination for winter sport. Enjoy the pristine conditions away from busy pistes and chairlift queues. When the ice thaws and the wildflowers begin to bloom again in the meadows, the mountains offer a whole other host of things to do. From April to November, trek amongst the dramatic limestone and lush pastures, enjoying balmy temperatures and breath-taking landscapes.

Sobrino de Botín, Madrid

A list of the top Spanish holidays would not be complete without and a trip to Madrid. The country’s capital is home to one of the world’s oldest restaurants, still in operation today. The Sobrino de Botín was founded in 1725, originally named Casa Botín after its founders Jean Botin and his wife. Situated in the heart of the city, this iconic institution still uses the original wood-fired oven from the 18th century to prepare its signature roasted lamb. Join a tour or sit down in the vaults and enjoy some of the finest cuisines in the city, the restaurant is a must-see.

This renowned organisation is a nod to the country’s rich history and culture, dating back centuries, and the wealth of experiences that Spain offers. What's more, the restaurant is home to artwork from Juan Carlos Martín and engravings from Antonio González. This allows you to take in some local history as well as enjoy some traditional Spanish dishes like Langostinos a la plancha o al ajillo, which translates to grilled prawns and scampi, and Lenguado frito, al horno o a la plancha, which is a delicious fried flounder fish.

La Rambla, Barcelona

This tree-lined street, stretching 1.2 kilometres, is a pedestrian mall in the centre of Barcelona, connecting the hub of the city, Plaça de Catalunya, with the 1888 Christopher Columbus Monument at Port Vell. The street was originally a drain for the heavy rainwater flowing from the Collserola hills; this origin is reflected in the street's paving, designed to appear rippling, mimicking the movement of water.

Stroll down this iconic promenade, home to several of Barcelona’s renowned landmarks. From the Centre d'Art Santa Mònica, a public contemporary art museum, the iconic opera house Gran Teatre del Liceu and the Palau de la Virreina – a Baroque Palace – to the oldest theatre in the city, the Teatre Principal founded in the mid-16th century. The promenade also features a mosaic by Joan Miró, and the ornate foundation, the Font de Canaletes, which is one of the most important meeting points of the city, a tradition upheld by fans following the city’s football club, Barça.

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

Located in Bilbao, Basque Country, the museum is one of the leading institutions for modern and contemporary art. Since its inauguration two decades ago, it has featured some of the most prominent exhibitions of the artists of our time. Designed by Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry, the building is admired as much as a work of art as the pieces it holds. Walk under the distinct titanium curves and monumental glass atrium that set it apart, the structure widely hailed as one of the most important buildings of the 20th century. Seamlessly integrated into the urban landscape, the resulting edifice is sculptural and expressionistic, its interlocking shapes settled amongst the old, industrial heart of the city.

Immerse yourself in the evocative works from contemporary practitioners from across the globe; featuring installations, painting, and sculpture, the museum is a testament to the power of the creative disciplines.

There you have it – four of the top experiences to try on a visit to Spain. While tourist destinations such as Egypt and Kenya are popular choices for holidaymakers looking to have a good time, travelling further afield and taking in some of the authentic sights and sounds of Spain is a far more attractive suggestion. If you’re still deciding whether a Spain holiday is right for you, then get in touch with a specialist tour operator such as Imagine Holidays. Whether you're into art or you're a fan of food, our recommendations should serve you well, and help you make the most out of your next visit to Spain. 


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