Monday, October 17, 2011

Davao City's First Green Hotel

Nowadays a lot of hotels claim to be a garden hotel or a hotel with a garden but if you take a closer look, these hotels are not close enough to be considered as a 'green' hotel. If you want to get the complete nature look and feel even if you're in the middle of a sprawling city, you better check in at North Palm Hotel and Garden and see for yourself!

Suite Room of North Palm Hotel and Garden

The place was originally a bowling alley owned by the late Mr. and Mrs. Felix Domingo, the grandparents of Nieva Jolampong, North Palm's hotel manager. Since the whole area of J.P. Laurel Avenue is already filled with gargantuan malls and other commercial buildings, the family decided to build an inn.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony


The plan was simple: have the building cleaned, get the rooms done, fill them with comfy beds, decent bathrooms, tables and mirrors. It seemed to be an easy idea but as the planning got deeper, they thought of a unique branding for the hotel: do it in an eco-friendly style. They said that we didn't need the numerous news clippings to remind us how our planet is slowly taking its revenge on us when we didn't treat it right. We need to do something to win its favor again no matter how small it is.

Me and fellow blogger, Carla

Lovin' the room's bath tub!

Carla and Mark

North Palm Hotel and Garden is hoping to educate people on eco-friendly ways to take care of Mother Earth.

Here are some of the ways that North Palm does to pay their share in taking care of our environment:

  1. Using solar heat to warm up your showers.
  2. Utilizing rain water for cleaning your rooms, bathrooms, the entire hotel and for watering the plants.
  3. Employing waste management systems inside the room so you can properly segregate your waste.
  4. Keeping the hallways open to let natural breeze flow through.
  5. Using only organic detergents and cleansers for all cleaning activities.
  6. Application of eco-friendly paint all over the hotel.
  7. Putting the No Smoking Ordinance under strict compliance.

Aside from North Palm's eco-friendly commitment, they're also keen on aiding advocacies that help uplift livelihoods, families and communities.

Environmental-friendly flip-flops made from Lily, weaved by an indigenous tribe

Yummy drinks!

You, yes you!

So what are you waiting for? Come and visit North Palm Hotel & Garden at Andreliz Bldg., Km. 7 Lanang, Davao City. For reservations, please call (082) 234-0733 | Fax (082) 234-8153 or visit their website at


  1. Mukhang ok to ah :D Dyan na lang ako mag-stay on my next Davao trip :P nice to see Mark here on your blog. Na-miss ko tuloy lil bro ko hehe

  2. The hotel is nice and so malinis Ate Mica :D And oh, Mark and his new hairstyle! HAHA!

  3. Malambot siya sa paa, in fairness!

  4. will try that.....i believe its a healthy thing to be there


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