Sunday, October 2, 2011

Transfiguratively Speaking

On our way back to Davao from Camiguin Island, we visited the Monastery of the Transfiguration (also known as Transfiguration Church) located at the outskirts of Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. Base from what I’ve learned from my Humanities (Art and Society) subject, this building was designed by Leandro Locsin, National Artist for Architecture. Coincidentally he’s the same man behind the iconic old terminal of Davao International Airport.


Monastery of the Transfiguration


Famous from its modern architecture, the Transfiguration Church houses the monks who vowed to follow the Rule of St. Benedict by living a contemplative life in their quest for God.



The place was eerily quiet when we entered the monastery and I must say that I was really impressed by Locsin’s design. Base from my research, Locsin died months before the monastery’s completion.

The main altar of the building


Wood and glass are the two most dominant elements of the building’s interior. It was cool and breezy inside the church.



We went outside to explore the church and as well as to take some pictures. The picturesque green  landscape of Bukidnon can seen clearly from the church’s backyard.


Beautiful landscape of Bukidnon


Of course, I do have souvenir photos from the Monastery of Transfiguration together with my Bio ‘09 friends!


Me, Dyan and Jerby at the monastery’s ‘backyard’


And I will never forget the sad face of Genevieve the Labrador!


Genevieve, the sad Labrador of the Monastery


We didn’t stay long due to time constraints. But our short visit at the Monastery of the Transfiguration was definitely a great experience. The place was peaceful, calm and stress-free. And oh, one can opt to spend an overnight stay at the monastery!

For inquiries, please contact Dom Martin Gomez, OSB at (0917) 5105585.

Monastery of the Transfiguration
San Jose, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon 8700
Tel. No. (088) 2212373 / 2214708
Monastery Farm (0927) 3975350
Gift Shop (0915) 9860167
Guest House Reservations (0917) 5105585
Wedding Reservations (0915) 9860167
Breakfast with the Monks (0916) 4545916
Vocation Inquiries (0916) 3650147

I’d definitely visit this place again! And oh, here are some of my photos on our way back to Davao City. These were taken near the border of Davao City and Bukidnon:


I don’t why. This is my most favorite photo of the trip. The photo’s blurred but I loved it.


The long and winding road


Mountain Ranges


Oh I just love Bukidnon.


  1. Wow. I so love the different places you have captured here esp the serenity of the monastery. I am now dying to go to the southern part already!

  2. I love the countryside scenery of Bukidnon. I've yet to visit this Monastery =) Nice post.

  3. Thanks kuya Edgar! Indeed, maganda talaga ang scenery ng Bukidnon, most especially pag sunset, ganda lang talaga ng effect niya sa mga mountains.

  4. tagal ko nang gustong puntahan toh.

  5. Kuya Ed, you should come here! Nindot baya ang lugar :)

  6. Gonna bookmark muna. I'll give you a more decent comment maybe tomorrow. Lols.

    Nice header anyway. Haven't read the whole blog pa. But promise, I will. Lols.

    Hello I'm Hoob.

  7. My sister got married here... :-)

  8. I'll be happy for now looking at your images of Bukidnon, one of my must-visit places in Mindanao and hopefully I could include this monastery on my itinerary.


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