Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Other Side of Samal

Almost one month after my graduation, my high school barkada (who happens to attend the same university, except for one) decided to chill and unwind at one of the secluded beaches of Samal Island. I was fortunate enough to have a friend whose family partly owns a beach resort there.

I’ve been to Samal Island for countless times already but I was still excited for this trip, knowing that the place we’re going to stay was located at the other side of the island… and I haven’t been there.

After the 10-minute journey from downtown Davao to Babak Wharf of Samal, we crossed the wilderness and endured the rough road for two hours before reaching Brgy. Pangubatan. The place was located at the other side of the island, facing the coastline of Davao Oriental and Compostela Valley. The place was undeniably cleaner compared to the resorts facing the industrial part of Davao City (e.g., Paradise, Blue Jazz and others).

Here are some pictures minutes after arriving at the resort:

Say Cheese!

We took a dip before eating lunch. When we went back to the beach, the tide was starting to recede, revealing its hard coral reefs and the vast ‘plantation’ of sea grass. The marine biodiversity of the beach resort was indeed rich and well-preserved.

Me and my be[a]st friend, Louie. He hates starfishes by the way but he loves Patrick Star!

Sea creatures!

Basically, we had fun. We talked almost everything under the sun and laughed at some stories. We kept on reminiscing those good old days.

The weather was great as the sun sank below the western horizon. After dinner, we had bonfire and ate heated marshmallows! Nom nom nom! And of course, we shared a LOT of ghost stories! And because of that, Louie had a hard time to get some decent sleep.

On the following morning, we were greeted by a beautiful sunrise. It was breathtaking. Food was great all throughout the trip, thanks to Tita Tweet, one of the owners of the resort. Before we left the resort, we took some wacky photos.

Overall, my stay at this modest beach resort was exceptionally good. When we went there, the resort had 3 cottages (and yes they were clean and I really loved their comfort rooms!), a clean kitchen and one function room. The huts come with a comfortable foam and two pillows, and I guarantee that you’ll sleep like a baby when you try their huts.

My experience at Pangubatan Beach Resort was awesome, all thanks to the warm services given by Tito Alden and Tita Tweet! Now I can’t wait to go back to this paradise.

Pangubatan Beach Resort is owned and managed by FGM Builders Resources & Development Corporation. For inquiries and reservations, please like their Facebook page!

This is my entry to the Davao Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for the month of September 2011 on the theme "YOUR BEST DAVAO BEACH VACATION STORY!”  hosted by Mark Glenn Cabrera.


  1. nice, sarap naman nyan. sana nasa davao nalang at ako at wala sa manila, mas maraming pwedeng puntahan at getaways!

  2. pag nakahanap ng promo pa book na ako. tapos pa tour guide na rin. hehe!


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