Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blogfest 2.0 and Philippine Blog Awards Experience

I do not know what was in store for us in the Blogfest 2.0 and the prestigious awards night of the Philippine Blog Awards which was held at the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, General Santos City. But anyway, I still signed up and paid $5.00 via PayPal last September (or was it early October?) and hoped that it would be an awesome experience.

The excitement escalated when I learned that I was one of the finalists for the Philippine Blog Awards Mindanao (Travel Blog Category).

But wait, there's MORE!

Magandang Gensan!

The whole-day affair was jam-packed with bloggers and writers coming from different points of Mindanao (some delegates came from as far as Iligan City, Lanao del Norte!). I really had fun listening to the speakers who were all insightful and inspiring albeit the lack of sleep. Teehee!

Bob Martin and Orman Manansala

Manolo Quezon and the Fab brothers!

Jack Madrid!

The beautiful, witty and techie mayor of GenSan, Mayor Darlene Magnolia Antonino-Custodio

Mae Paner aka Juana Change!!!

I have learned a LOT from Blogfest 2.0 most especially Mae Paner's video blogs (equally hilarious and an eye opener to everyone) and Raffy Tima's "Think before you click" campaign. Also, I was pretty much amazed by Mayor Darlene's educational program - almost all public schools have their own websites, powered by Wordpress, and students were also encouraged to blog! Kudos Mayor Darlene for that innovative program!

Awards Night

And of course, the highlight of the event! Everyone was all dressed up for the prestigious awards night held at East Asia Royale Hotel, just a few stone throws away from SunCity Suites.

Being one of the finalists felt REALLY great (thanks Lloyd for nominating me, btw), knowing that my travel blog is only 5 months old. I can't help it, it's my first time! I believe it's a great opportunity to become a finalist!

Anyway, I am so happy that two Davao Bloggers members won! For the second time in a row, Kuya Faust won the Best Tech Blog award and Kuya Olan bagged the Best Travel Blog award. Yahoo! I'm so proud of you, guys!

And of course, di talaga mawawala ang group photos!

Pinoy Travel Bloggers invades GenSan w/ Kuya Avel!

With Mae Paner aka Juana Change

My Vlog Idol!

With Madam President-slash-schoolmate!

I would like to commend the Manansala brothers, Orman and Avel and the Sox Bloggers for the successful events - Blogfest 2.0 and Philippine Blog Awards Mindanao!

I really had fun! REALLY!



  1. Missed this one huhu. Haven't seen MLQ3 for the longest time!

  2. Awts sayang! After MLQ3's talk, nagpapicture ako agad sa kanya coz I'm an avid reader ng kanyang mga column! :)

  3. Yun na ang pinaka FABULOUS na PBA awards night! Bonggang bongga!

  4. Nina, it was fabulous because you were there! Hahahaha! Anyway, glad to meet you in person! Woohoo! :D

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in GenSan. The next time you go back there, you should enjoy what The Tuna Capital has to offer :D

  6. Thanks for introducing me in here and for the special mention.. weee... ^_^

  7. @Kristine: Hopefully babalik ako ng GES this December and try foam party! Hahaha!

    @Kuya Faust: You're welcome! siyempre dapat i-mention taka coz winner ka gud! :D

  8. Looks like you guys had fun! And the winners actually got trophies while we only got "tokens". LOL

    Missed the PBA Visayas Leg, too bad.

  9. Why did you miss the PBA Visayas Leg? Sayang!

  10. Eto ang masasabi ko sa PBA Blog Night: "Ikaw na! Anne Hathaway-Curtis!" Haha!! Psst!! Too bad kay wala mo nikuyog sa tour sa Fishport

  11. congrats for being one of the finalist! you seemed to have such a great time in gensan :)

  12. Bernie: Oonga eh. We woke up mga 9:30-ish na! Sayang!

    Gladys: I really enjoyed it!!! :D

  13. Like you Renz, I really learned a lot during the blogfest 2.0 - with Mae Paner as one of the speakers, I can say unlike last year this event was much more entertaining! Lumevel up with the set of speakers. :D Medyo seryoso kasi ng mood last year but was still fun! Had a blast! Hehehe!!

  14. Baka that's one of the suggestions last year, that is to have a 'funner' Blogfest. Hehe.

  15. I like to believe so. But being with the Sox Bloggers is fun enough though. They are indeed the funnest blogging community in Mindanao!! :D

  16. good see events being organised in the Philippines for bloggers to get together and share experiences and ideas as well as network together. Had an event up here in Cebu last year but was tied up with something else hopefully can make it this year!

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