Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lost in Iloilo

Actually, the primary objective why I went to Iloilo last April was to study medicine at West Visayas State University (WVSU), but I didn't make it to the final cut... which was actually a good thing!

Jaro Church, Iloilo City, Philippines

But despite that, I was able to tour Iloilo with my cousin. A DIY tour, actually. In our first day, we went to the beautiful island of Guimaras and it was an awesome trip. But the succeeding days were more epic.

Day 2 - From Robinsons to NFA Mill Factory

On the second day of our trip, my cousin and I decided to visit WVSU. Tita gave us instructions on how to get there. From here to there, from there to here, and from here to anywhere. Basically, the jeepney routes of Iloilo were a bit confusing, most especially for first timers.

Luckily we made our way to WVSU. Such a beautiful university!

West Visayas State University

Now the fun started when we left WVSU and decided to head straight to Robinsons to eat lunch.

We were arguing whether to just take the jeep along the highway or to cross the street and take the OTHER way. We decided to take the latter.

"'Pag nawala tayo rito sa Iloilo, eh di mas mabuti! Adventure yun!", my cousin quipped.

Indeed, it was a one heck of an adventure! Feeling confident and all that jazz, we rode a jeep and NEVER asked Manong Driver if he would take us to Robinsons because like I said, WE WERE VERY CONFIDENT. All went well until we both felt something was wrong. The buildings became scarce and the road started to get wider. It only meant one thing - we were on a major highway and we were about to cross another municipality! So, we paid our fare (only 7 pesos) and got off the jeep. We were somewhere near an NFA Mill factory and we do not have any idea where we were!!! Anyway, we even heard Manong Driver grumbling as he sped off. Pasensya na kuya! I know kulang pa po bayad namin. :(

We alighted a jeep that plied the route to Robinsons. By the time we arrived at Robinsons, we looked for a good place to eat, and poof, we spotted Sbarro.

"Tara, dito nalang tayo kakain, wala kasing Sbarro sa Davao eh", he said.

We ordered Chicago White pizza and dang, it was the best tasting pizza that I've eaten so far! Nomnomnom!



Day 3 - Lost Season 5 to the nth Power

I woke up early to catch up my scheduled interview at WVSU which was around seven in the morning. It was intense whilst the panelists spoke in Iewrhjiwweifwfiwof language.

"Rgrretiwepdedioewpdwgid 'to?", one of the panelists asked.

I just smiled.

"Ay taga Davao ka pala, pasensya na gid!"

Anyway, I got stressed out after the interview. I decided to meet up with my cousin at SM City (Manduriao) and eat lunch there. So, I took a jeep and this time, I was on the right direction... or so I thought.

Again, I didn't ask the driver if he will take me to SM. Basically, I just took a random jeep and guess what? The jeep took me to a random place too! Wow, I never thought that there's a place in Iloilo named Brgy. Random. Anyway, the last thing I remembered about this particular jeepney ride was this: I was still in the downtown area when all of the sudden, I saw big ships and a lot of people selling palengke goods along the street! Shoot!

What I did was, I got off the jeep after it made its way back to the downtown area and hailed a taxi to SM. Sucks to be me.

Ledesma Street, Iloilo City, Philippines

Anyway, we ate at Green Mango and surprisingly the food was very great and so as the ambiance! Did I mention that the food there is affordable too?

Definitely Not the Last Time

Our last day at Iloilo was pretty much dramatic. We cried buckets before we left the house. Chos joke lang! We bid farewell to our aunt and called a taxi that would take us to the airport which was located in a far, far away kingdom. 

Our flight to Davao was a bit early thus we have to be at the airport around six in the morning.

Here are some photos I took before we left Iloilo:


Small yet über clean predeparture area of Iloilo Airport

Bought this book at SM.

Aerial view of Iloilo Airport

Good bye, Iloilo! :,)

My first Iloilo experience may be filled with strings of epic fail moments but I guess it's worth remembering! *WINK* And oh, makainstindi kag makahambal na gid ko sang Hiligaynon. Indi bala budlay ang Hiligaynon, hapus lang man ah! Kon indi nimo ni mainstindihan, hipos nalang ka.

Bleh! In your face! :P


  1. it's okay to commit mistakes coz we learn from our failures... just my 2 cents... :)

  2. Mu run ah. Duro man na nga beses nga mag-sala man ta sa una. Pero sa kinadugayan, dira kita makakuha kang liksyon para mas magin maayo kita nga mga lagawan/latagaw.

    Mas maayad gani kon magtalang kita kon gabyahe. Sa Ciudad kang Irong-irong, indi ka magkabalaka kon magtalang ka, kay ang mga jeep, mabalik man na guihapon sa sentro...either city proper, Jaro, Diversion ukon Molo lang ina. hehe! :D

    ^^ Renz, diha ta ka matest kon kaintiende ka na. I'll be your Hiligaynon101 instructor. Actually, mixed pa na og Kinaray-a, the language of interior Iloilo, hehe! :p

  3. well it is not the end of everything. continue your degree to other school, BTW, why WVSU was your school of choice, what mkes it so special? :-)

  4. Pinoy Adventurista - At least I learned in a funny way!

    @Bern - Huo, kana pud ang ginhambal sa akon tita, na tanan keeps mabalik sang sentro. :)) Makainstindi man ko sa imo gihambal although there are some na whatthefuckareyousaying na level. *nosebleed* But it would be fun if you're my Hiligaynon teacher!!! That would be fun!

    @Christian and Paul - Hahaha OMG that was so... random!

    @Edmaration - not yet considering of going back to school pa! Hahahaha. I chose WVSU because aside sa maganda ang quality ng education, it's mura din. I can't afford going to other med schools. Sobrang mahal!

  5. Hala noy, balik ka lang to sa Gensan. Makasagap ka pa to sang tinaga nga Hiligaynon noy. :D

    Barangay Random...somewhere in La Paz I guess. :D

  6. Haha if you really got lost in Iloilo, just text me. Although I really don't know where Brgy. Random is. HAHA.
    Anyway, great article Renz! Basta mawala ka, great adventure!! There's always a taxi to save you if you're very lost. :))

  7. Hay ambot kon asa gid nang Brgy. Random. Basta natingala nalang ko Bern na duol na ko sa dagat! HAHAHAHA

  8. @Greg: Indeed, adventure talaga if you get lost. Hahaha!

  9. Renz, another funny article from you! Thanks for making me laugh this early in the morning. haha... Buti pa Iloilo me Sbarro na. I don't know why they didn't put up one in Abreeza no?

  10. My reliable sources tell me that Sbarro will put up its first Mindanao branch early next year. I don't know yet kung sa SM North Davao o sa Abreeza. ;-)

  11. Epic lost adventures ah at totoo talaga yung Barangay Random? :)

  12. Claire - totoong-totoo talaga ang Brgy. Random. It's filled w/ random people selling random stuff along the street! O_O

  13. wag na tayo mag-med!! let's explore the marine life.. be a marine biologist!

    nive Iloilo experience.. miss ko na din ang maligaw :P, natuwa akosa brgy. Random.. haha

    tska yung last photo mo.. sana ganyan din yung window seat na masakyan ko..

  14. nakakainggit! hindi pa ako nakakapuntang iloilo!:))

  15. Hidlaw man ko mag puli sa Iloilo ba.

  16. @batanglakwatsero
    I recommend the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kayosaki. Baka kapag mabasa niyo un ayaw niyo na talagang mag-aral, ako rin tinamad na rin ituloy ang post-grad, haha.

    After u read it, tell me what you think.

  17. please allow me to correct that the one you labeled as ledesma st is huervana st in the district of la paz.



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