Friday, December 9, 2011

How to Get a Philippine Passport

If you are planning to have an Asian Cruise in Singapore or to have a great time with some Disney characters at Hongkong Disneyland, you need to secure a valid Philippine passport first!

Finally got my passport today!

Here are the requirements and ways on how to apply for a legit Philippine passport or renew an old one.

1) Prepare the necessary documents

You need to have at least two documents to support your identity! You should have an NSO Birth Certificate on security paper (true copy). You can obtain it by going to the National Statistics Office in person (if you are in the country) or order online via eCensus website. Next is your Transcript of Records (if you are a college graduate). Other supporting IDs and documents that are accepted are the following: College or high school yearbook, driver's license, PRC, and voters ID/certificate.

If you are unable to provide at least two valid documents or IDs, get a criminal record clearance. Obtain this from the NBI or National Bureau of Investigation. For first-time applicants, you must apply in person at an NBI office with valid ID cards. If you've gotten an NBI clearance before, you can get a new one by mailing back the personal copy of your last clearance. If you are outside the Philippines, you can also apply for a renewal by filling out a form at the nearest Philippine consulate. They will give you the form in an envelope which you must mail to the NBI in the Philippines.

Don't forget to photocopy your documents and IDs!

2) Fill out your application form

Once you enter the DFA office, you will be given an application form. Fill it out, follow the line and wait for your turn. In my own experience, the DFA office here in Davao City was pretty much easy and stress-free. The room was air-conditioned, guards were courteous and kind and everything was organized.

And oh, before I forget, you should come in smart casual attire. The guards won't allow you to enter the office if you wear flipflops, sexy shorts or sleeveless.

Once the teller calls your name, you should give him all your documents. Once you're cleared, proceed to the next station.

3) ID Pictures and Verification

There's no need to bring ID pictures. You'll have your photos taken inside the office.

4) Payment

You're almost there! After signing and reviewing your application form, proceed to the next station and pay for the application fee. Rush passport costs Php 1200 while the regular fee costs Php 950. Rush passport will be claimed 15 days after the date of your application (excluding weekends) whilst the latter one takes up to 45 days.

Don't forget to secure your receipt because you will use that for claiming your passport. Your passport receipt should show the date you paid and the release date.


Voila! Applying for a Philippine passport is as easy as 1-2-3!

And oh, drop some comments if you have questions regarding this matter.


  1. gusto ko na magkapasaporte kaya lang tinatamad tlga ako.

    1. owws?? tamad ka? e kung san san ka lumalakwatsa! :P ..

  2. Ivan TAMAD! Hahaha kumuha ka na kasi para makasali ka sa HK Disneyland trip niyo!

  3. Renz, 850 nalang ba ang regular processing of passport?

  4. Oops, correction, it's 950 na pala for the regular processing ng passport. 1200 ang rush.

  5. madali lang nga magpagawa ng passport kaso yung appointment sa DFA nakakatamad puntahan tas pagminsan nakakalimutan ko ung date at time ng appointment ko. ahaha! i applied for PH passport for 3 times already.

  6. How long does it take to have your passport? Both the regular and rush kuya? :)

    1. AMP you're not reading! :(

      "Rush passport will be claimed 15 days after the date of your application (excluding weekends) whilst the latter one takes up to 45 days."


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