Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 3: Sojourn in Bantayan Island

Slip away from the seemingly crowded city streets of Metro Cebu for a leisurely day tour at Bantayan Island where life is much simpler than the bustling regional center of the island.

Sugar Beach, Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island is located west off the northern tip of the island of Cebu and is politically part of the Province of Cebu. It is roughly 16 kilometers long and 11 kilometers wide, much bigger compared to its counterpart, Malapascua Island.  It is also the main and largest island of the Bantayan Island Group that is roughly the geographical center of the Philippines.

To get there, one must ride a bus to Hagnaya Port, which is approximately three to four hours away from Cebu City depending on the traffic. And from the port, one will ride a barge to Santa Fe port of Bantayan Island. It would take at least 45 minutes to 1 hour before reaching the Municipality of Sante Fe.

But in our case, we rode a pump boat from Malapascua to Bantayan Island. It took us two and a half hours before reaching our destination.

Halfway to our final destination, the rain cloud started to chase us. Run Forrest, run!

The weather was fine when we left Malapascua Island!

And this is how the weather greeted us in Bantayan Island. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

After we settled our things in our small yet clean rented cottage at Sugar Beach, the rain started to pour. Plus there was lightning. And the wind got stronger. And the coconuts started to fall from the sky. Shet lang.

When the storm slowly subsided, Edcel, Mica, Andrew and I decided to swim. The rain was still moderately strong but we didn't care and braved the cold. We were shivering while swimming! Wwwweee wwweere lllll-ike t-t-t-ttalking lll-like thhhi-ssss. Aaaandd weee weereeeebrrrghhh la-la-laugh-fffff-ing llll-ike thhhis: Bu-hhhhuwaaa-hhhaaaahhhaaa! Sssshhettt hanng lamig!

The following morning was even more exciting. The fine weather forced us to do our favorite activity - photoshoot!

Robbie taught us the principles of jump shots. Brenna failed the test, apparently. LOL!

Borrowed Robbie's uber cute hat!

I applied sunblock to my face, stomach and chest area but didn't give extra attention to my back before hitting the beach. The result? Two hours after swimming under the scorching heat of the sun, my back hurt and was so red. I looked like a skinny lechon biik!!!

Right after the swim, Mica and I were craving for a BJ.

Yes, BJ.

As in Buko Juice! :-p

Yummy coconut!

For only Php 20, one can enjoy the juice and the meat straight from the coconut fruit. It was my first time to do such and I was a bit overwhelmed with the volume of the juice and meat. Everyone was full after that healthy snack.

Before we left the island, we had our group shots taken. Fun overload!

Crazy people!

Like our Malapascua experience, our overnight stay at Bantayan Island was soooo bitin. It felt like we were always in a hurry, as if we were contestants of The Amazing Race.  Don't get me wrong, though. We DID enjoy our overnight stay at the island although should we stayed longer, we might have explored some underrated places in the island and our friendship would have grown stronger. 

Yuck ang cheesy ko lang.

Bantayan Island is a must-visit place in the island of Cebu. Clean and picturesque white sand beaches surround the island.

Leaving Bantayan was really sad. Like Hachiko-died-while-waiting-for-his-master sad.

Riding a trisikad to the port. Love the scenery.

Haggard level one million. Happiness level infinity.


Like, seriously.

"What was your favorite part of the trip?", Dora once asked me while her big bulging eyes blinked at me.

I answered, "Bitch, you better asked Mica or Robbie for an answer."

"Oh, I like that too!"

And her reply caught me off guard.


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  1. next time most definitely you'll take more time as each one deserves more than a day (or a few hours).

    balik ka lang next time at dapat di na amazing race! hehe

  2. Ed: Yeah, at least 3D 2N sa Bantayan and Malapascua. Sayang talaga ang Malapascua. We would've taken more pictures sa beach line nila! Pero likewise, babalik kami diyan! :D :D

    @Pack up and drift: Sama ka na sa amin sa susunod naming trips :)

  3. Waaaaah! Such an unforgettable experience with you guys! Iba talaga pag Bagets! :D

    Natuwa ako sa expectation/reality na part. =)

    Til next time Renzy! :D

  4. Nanay Diyosa!!! Hahaha! Hopefully makakasama ako sa Pinatubo! I so want to go there!

  5. kaingget ka tlga renz. haha. mka adto ra jpon ko dra puhoooon.. grrr.. :))

  6. Some parts of this entry cracked me up. Thumbs up! Nicely done! Im soo bookmarking your site. I wish you guys can witness Cebu's Sinulog at the Grandstand this January. One of the events that i wish everyone can see. White tickets near the VIP section costs 700 apiece. If you can make it in 2013, PM me in Nov 2012 thru FB so i can score you and 3 of your friends free white tix. Nope, I'm not a scam. Just a freaking proud true-blue Cebuano. ;) Oh shit this is a lengthy comment hahaha

  7. Hello Markin! Thanks for reading this entry, really appreciate it! :D

    Anyway, was planning to experience Sinulog this 2012, but unfortunately, naubos na yung piso fare tickets last August, kaya I decided to do Dinagyang instead.

    Pero sige lang, pag 2013, will inform you ahead of time. Promise yan ha? :D

  8. @Tibing: Well you should visit Cebu soon! Nice kaayo mga dagat didto!

  9. Oh yeah i'll take care of that.

    will get in touch with you in mid-November 2012, aight? I hope you and your travel buddies could make it.

  10. hay naku renz. namimiss ko ang cebu... i love cebu na talaga... naiinis ako kasi sobrang bitin...

  11. Yaan mo Chino, maglalaan tayo ng tigdadalawa hanggang tatlong araw sa isang lugar. Feeling ko talaga contestants tayo ng Amazing Race. We were always in a hurry!!!

  12. wow! first time mo pala mag "suck" ng juice directly from the fruit? so, how's the experience? hehehe!

  13. fail talaga si brenna hahahaha...
    honga, grabeh amazing race talaga yung malapascua bantayan nyo. pero i know next time, at least tig dadalawang araw na yun hahaha...

  14. Definitely! Hopefully when we get back there, hindi na ala Amazing Race ang drama. Planning to invade the south!!! :D

  15. Ganda ng jump shots nyo sa Bagets. As always inggit ako kasi I never learned how to do it properly hehe. Kelan nga balik nyo? Sama ako!!!

  16. I am hoping that for the nth time, pasok sa banga na itong comment ko hehe :D

    The Bantayan part is the most laidback and for me the most special part of my December Cebu Trip. Feel na feel ko lang talagang maging Ate sa inyo hehe and I'm glad that this trip is full of positivity and youth! Hehe :D

    Gusto kong bumalik dito na kayo pa rin ang kasama ko. Next time let's invade Camotes naman and if can afford, Sumilon! Hehe More travels sa ating lahat :D

  17. And also the FUNNIEST. Remember Ate-who-went-skinny-dipping-after-digging-something-sa-sand? HAHAHA. Mejo naharass ako dun. =))

    Yeah!!! I still can't over with Cebu! Truly a memorable trip. :D

  18. First, I apologize guys for not being able to come and meet you! I really want to go with you guys on your travel... I end up getting envy of your trip! You guys sure did have some great fun!

    I love the photos..hahaha.. San Guko and Gohan is that you?

    When you want to come back again in Cebu, let me know...


  19. Sayang! There will always be a next time. :D

  20. ansaya....^^ maganda bantayan kasi virgin..wala masyadong kalakal around hihi... woah...^^ ayos tong year end trip mo ah

  21. i just love bantayan island... i actually prefer it more than malapascua :) great photos!

  22. Bantayan is a nice place to visit. It's in our travel list already for this year!

  23. We just came back from our trip to the Philippines - with most of our time spent in Bantayan! What a place! A real hidden gem!

    I couldn't find much information on Bantayan before going so I put some of the important stuff on my blog (how to get there, airfare costs, hotel costs, bus/taxi costs) at

    I also made a fun video of our trip there (me and my three girlfriends) - you can check it out at youtube here

    Until the next time, Philippines!


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