Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Isla Parilla Restaurant of Waterfront Hotel

After the satisfying 10-way tuna of Marina Tuna, we then took a five-minute drive to Waterfront Hotel. There, we were greeted by Isla Parilla Restaurant's chefs. They were about to demonstrate on how to prepare two of their delicious specialties - Laing Espesyal and Crispy Pata de Paella.

Waterfront Hotel

Their two dishes weren't ordinary, in fact they were prepared in an extraordinary way. I myself was really impressed on how the chefs prepared the food.

Their Laing Espesyal is garnished with herbs, criss-cut potato and juicy deep fried pork belly. And to add a mouthwatering flavor, the chef intricately placed a fat, juicy lobster on top of it.

Waterfront Hotel
Laing Espesyal

Waterfront Hotel
Crispy Pata de Paella
Also, we have to take note of their Crispy Pata de Paella. Usually when we eat crispy pata, we only eat the skin and some parts of it. To make (or shall I say, eat) the most out of it, the chefs of Isla Parilla Restaurant decided to stuff some rice, veggies and meat inside to make it more delicious and more sinful! It's actually an innovation!

It's so surprising that I managed to finish a whole plate of Laing Espesyal; I'm not even a fan of Laing!

When visiting Waterfront Hotel, don't forget to drop by at Isla Parilla restaurant and try these two mouthwatering dishes. You won't regret it.


Isla Parilla is located within the gardens of Waterfront Hotel, Lanang, Davao City.


  1. nakakagutom always pg ng visit ako dito sa page mo Renz! :D Really beautiful food posts! :) Ill be in Davao this weekend, hoping I could try one of the restos you posted in here :)

  2. im not a fan of that plate with a pig's leg. it does not look appetizing. aside from that, everything looks good including the other side of the plate i just mentioned.


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