Friday, August 31, 2012

Eat Unlimited Crabs at Glamour

Glamour Crabs Davao

Craving for crabs? There's a perfect place here in Davao City that would answer your crabby cravings here in Davao!

Glamour Resto N' Caterer hails originally from Cotabato City, a six-hour drive from Davao. They serve Halal foods for fast food and catering services, which good news for our Muslim brothers and sisters. At Php 348 per head, one can already avail the restaurant's buffet table filled with humongous crabs, prawns and everything freshly caught from the sea.

The management of Glamour has conceptualized a crab buffet restaurant since its market is not yet competitive. So far, Glamour is just one of the few restaurants that serves unlimited crabs and other seafoods!

The Sooo Pinoy Davao Food Trip team was really surprised to see lots of fresh crabs and prawns stewed in gata and other mouthwatering local dishes!

Glamour Crabs Davao
Beef Rendang

Glamour Crabs Davao
Craaaaabs! Yumyum!

Glamour Crabs Davao
Spicy shrimps with spring onions
And yeah, our tummies got full after consuming numerous plates of seafood goodness! Burp!

Glamour Resto & Caterer 
J. Camus Street ext. and Padre Gomez Street, Davao City
Tel. No. (63-82) 282-1877 / 222-0045 63927-6811236, 63926-8235126
Operating Hours 11AM to 2PM, 6 to 10PM Mondays thru Sundays


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  1. I better share this to koko...surely she will love this...:D

  2. Great recipe, will try it soon! If you think that you are going to hook and land the first one hundred pound freshwater tarpon you see, you may be in for a rough surprise.


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