Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where to Eat in Davao: Kusina Selera

I was born and raised in Davao, the biggest, the cleanest and the most organized metropolitan city in the whole Philippines. But despite that, I didn't know that right in the middle of downtown Davao, there's a restaurant that offers delicious Filipino cuisines.

kusina selera

Davao is known to have millions of seafood and grilled places (as in, literally) and this restaurant is a breath of fresh air. Kusina Selera specializes in Filipino fusion dishes, which is basically a lot harder to create.

Kusina Selera was the first restaurant on the fourth day of our Sooo Pinoy Davao Food Trip. It helped that we were a bit hungry when we went there. Four Filipino dishes were served during that time.

Chicken Binakol

kusina selera

This is my personal favorite. Of all Chicken Binakols I've tasted, Kusina Selera's version of it was the best. I think its sweetness, brought about by mixing coconut juice, made it on top of my list.

Crispy Pata

kusina selera

It's everyone's favorite. Nuff said.

Tuna Sisig

kusina selera

It was actually my first time to try Tuna Sisig. It actually tasted great!

Crispy Tadyang

kusina selera

Beef ribs. Best eaten with a soy-based dip. Nomnomnom.

Kusina Selera is located at Doors 9-11, 115 Paseo de Legaspi, P. Pelayo St. Davao City. For inquiries and/or reservations, you may contact them at (082) 221-2695. Don't forget to try these Filipino dishes if you wish to eat at Kusina Selera!


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  1. salivating here! thinking of having lunch there today :)

  2. tsarap nman Renz:) sayang indi aq natuloy sa kadayawan. will tsek dis place once na natuloy aq dito sa september

  3. Oh dear god, tuna sisig *jaw dropped* :O


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