Saturday, September 1, 2012

Moody Blues

Summer sun is the best cure for the blues, so it’s little wonder that most of us are feeling a little under the weather at times.

It would be wonderful if we could open our doors and push the children out into a garden full of sunshine and be sure that when we book our UK holiday that we can spend it on the beach. But like most of us are finding out this year, mother nature doesn’t do well at co-operation and you can bet your bottom dollar that if you plan a day at the seaside, she will rock up with a big bag of rain drops to put a dampner on it.

So naturally, the easy solution is to find an affordable break abroad - whether you choose to go down the package route and, for instance, book Thomas Cook holidays, or organise your own flights and accommodation. Whichever you choose, it’s a precious chance to escape to somewhere that is sunny and relaxing, where dear old M.N is too busy building sandcastles and soaking up the rays to bother with big black clouds.

The thought of a summer holiday goes a short way to lifting one’s spirits, and the process of booking is pure therapy. In order to get your full quota it’s important that the location can fit in with as much as possible on your holiday wish list. It’s not too late to book holidays for this year but as most people have already allocated their holiday budget, now’s the time to look ahead to next year’s sun. Why not consider Tunisia holidays, 2013? Or a trip to ancient Egypt? Or an exotic adventure in the Caribbean?

Book now and enjoy that delicious smug feeling during this year’s rainy season, knowing that you will once again see sunshine. These are all fantastic destinations, guaranteeing you warm sunshine, sandy beaches and culture by the suitcase full, leaving you a newly restored and fully revitalised human. What could be more heart warming?

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