Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fiesta Dabaw Native Restaurant

Fiesta Dabaw Native Restaurant

And for the final leg of the Sooo Pinoy Davao Food Trip, we went to the food court of Gaisano Mall of Davao and ate at Fiesta Dabaw, a native restaurant that serves native Filipino delicacies.

Fiesta Dabaw Native Restaurant started its service in 1994 and it used to be a restaurant before it slowly transformed into a fastfood chain. Since then, their first restaurant closed in order to give way to their fastfood chains in some malls. Currently, they have five branches in Davao. Today, they are now opening two fastfood branches, one at Tagum City, Davao del Norte and the other one at General Santos City, South Cotabato.

What's good in this fastfood resto is their food selection and price. In Gaisano Mall, they serve an average of forty (40) dishes a day. Their value meal costs Php 65 which includes one viand with rice and drinks. More so, they have combo meals to cater the needs of the students.

Here are some of the local dishes we've tried during the food tour:

Fiesta Dabaw Native Restaurant
Tuna Steak

Fiesta Dabaw Native Restaurant
Tuna Sisig

Fiesta Dabaw Native Restaurant
Sepo Guisado (Mixed Vegetables)

Fiesta Dabaw Native Restaurant

Fiesta Dabaw Native Restaurant
Filipino Favorite: Kare-kare

We were all satisfied after eating our meals. Finally, the five-day gluttonous adventure has come to an end! I hope you all enjoyed reading my Sooo Pinoy Davao Food Trip adventures as much as I enjoyed writing it! Phew! This series is the most challenging that I've ever done so far!

Thank you Unilever and Sooo Pinoy for the wonderful experience. I will never forget this. Woot! Miss you guys (you know who you are)!

Ciao! 'Til the next food trip!


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  1. agree with you on two accounts: 1. Fiesta Dabaw's dishes are satisfying 2. your journey was indeed gluttonous. and I am green with envy. love all your posts!

    1. Effort din na tapusin ang series na to! Took me three months to finish it! :D

  2. Greet, but it would be better if in future you can share more about this topic. Keep rocking.

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