Friday, September 14, 2012

Don Juan y Kookel's

Kookel's Davao

And for the last restaurant of our second to the last day of Sooo Pinoy Davao Food Trip, we drove all the way south to try various Filipino dishes at Kookel's in Bangkal. We surely had a lot of surprises when we entered the Don Juan Lounge.

Kookel's cooking restaurant is located at Peace Avenue, Bangkal, Davao City. It is a two storey building which consists of two al fresco wings, one air-conditioned dining area, one resto/bar, as well as a function hall located at the second level. The restaurant itself has an old Filipino architecture inspired by the famous regional ancestral  homes. Kookel's serves the best Lechon Manok in Davao, along with a wide variety of Filipino cuisine. Among its must-try dishes include Native Chicken Tinola, Deep-fried Kilawing Liempo and Kare-Kare.

And for this particular restaurant, we ate the following:

Kookel's Davao
Kilawing Liempo

The Kilawing Liempo is new to my taste. It tasted oh-so great!

Kookel's Davao
Tuna Belly in Banana Leaf

I admit we had enough of Tuna Belly. But this was a bit different. The Tuna Belly in Banana Leaf is smoked while wrapped in a banana leaf. Juicy, sumptuous and tasty!

Kookel's Davao
Deep Fried Native Chicken

I am a big fan of native chicken. Sarap to the bones!

Kookel's Davao
Kookel's Lechon Manok

Lechon Manok seems abundant here in the City of Davao. But apparently, Kookel's has the best tasting Lechon Manok! Love their gravy too!

Kookel's Davao

An all-time Filipino favorite, Kare-Kare is best paired with bagoong. Yum yum!

And to end the night, Yano performed two songs! I'm a fan! His performance reminds me so much of my childhood! *sings* Patingin-tingin, hindi naman makabili!

Kookel's Davao

And say hello to new and old friends!

Kookel's Davao

Kookel's Davao
Team Barney!


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