Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Afternoon Chill at Aling Foping's Halo-halo

Aling Foping Davao
MTS is the place to be.

A few weeks ago, I was craving for Aling Foping's famous halo-halo, and I blame my mom for it because she posted a photo of her, eating the famous Halo-halo on Instagram. Jeez. So I called her up and demanded to treat me at Aling Foping's Halo-halo when I get home. Spoiled brat lang? Hahaha. But kidding aside, I have reasons to be like that because their halo-halo is to die for!

Just this afternoon, I had the chance to revisit Aling Foping's at Matina Town Square (or as Davaoeños fondly call it, MTS) and tried their Durian halo-halo.

Wait... did I just write DURIAN halo-halo?!

It was quite unusual for MTS to be less chaotic and had a laid-back feel. At night, MTS transforms into a much livelier place, where people drink booze with their friends, and sing and dance to the beat of band music until the liquor ban time (as in 1AM). MTS is a famous destination for party-goers alike, and as well as for people who are craving for halo-halo. Aling Foping's Halo-Halo has been there since God knows when... I think even way before the late 90s when MTS had just sprung to life. The snack bar is famous for its halo-halo because 1) it's delicious; 2) you have the will to choose your own ingredients; and 3) it's freakin' delicious! Oops...

Aling Foping Davao
Fud Treyn!

Aling Foping Davao

Aling Foping rose to fame after Kris Aquino featured it on her TV show. The first time I visited Aling Foping was last April when I had a quick vacation in Davao. I was with my blogger friends and they were all like convincing me to try their halo-halo. At first, I found it a bit expensive (I mean, who buys a halo-halo worth more than a hundred bucks?), but yeah, I eventually gave it a try.

And from that day, I didn't regret of trying their famous halo-halo.

Alright, enough of the flashback story and let's go back to the present!

Because it's been a month since the last time I ate durian, I ordered their Durian Halo-halo, plus their chili con carne, and their bibingka. What is gutom.

Aling Foping Davao
Durian Halo-halo

Aling Foping Davao
Chili Con Carne!

Aling Foping Davao

Gobbled all of it together with my parents. Ahhhh. craving satisfied!

Sorry, you can't eat this. LOLJK

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I guess each and every Davaoeños has their own Aling Foping's Halo-Halo story. What's yours?


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