Monday, October 14, 2013

Relationship with your Smartphone

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Do you ever stop and think, “Am I in a relationship with my phone?” Okay, not literally. But if you look around you, you’ll see more and more people engrossed in the little black boxes in their hands. At the mall, at a restaurant, at a bar, even at the movies - you can see people tapping away. Eventhough it could cost you a laptop such as iPhone 5 and BlackBerry Z10 price. And what are they doing? Updating Facebook, IM’ing with friends, and looking stuff up.

For many people, the relationship they have with their smartphone is kind of like one they would have with a significant other. They go out and appear absorbed by these gadgets’ every need and digital shout (beep!). Some people even sleep with their smartphone in their beds!

While things like internet addiction is becoming more and more recognized, you have to admit that smartphones can be just as addictive. This is especially true since the phone can allow you to access all sorts of addictive digital media, like social networking sites, unlimited television programs, and (dare I say it?) porn. And soon you find yourself missing out on real-life social interactions just to play with your phone. It can become so time-consuming that it can feel like a romantic relationship at times.

Most Addictive Apps

Still not convinced? Here are some of the most addictive apps for staying in touch and playing games. And if you wind up hunched over the table-for-one at Starbucks glued to your phone, don’t blame us!

Beach Buggy Blitz

A particularly fun game for the Blackberry Z10 OS because of the specs, Beach Buggy Blitz is a racing game where you can drive a beach buggy at breakneck speed through different levels. As an added bonus, it has top-notch graphics so it feels like you’re playing a proper computer game instead of something on a tiny screen. And you get to drive a hot little beach buggy and drive around a variety of tropical landscapes.

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Words With Friends

This is a fun, educational game that you can play with your friends. It’s sort of like Scrabble, but with a smartphone. Just use letters to build different words off of other words like a crossword puzzle. You can play with friends, or be assigned a random playmate. Actually, there have been a few stories recently about people who were randomly matched on Words With Friends and ended up starting romantic relationships, and even getting married!

Draw Something

Draw Something is like a digital version of the popular party game Pictionary. Using your touch screen, you can draw a picture and have your friends guess what it is. The game sends you a word and you have to draw what the word is, to the best of your ability, and then have your friends guess. It can be a great way to practice your artistic skills as well as chat with friends.


Candy Crush Saga

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Candy Crush Saga allows you to play through different levels of sweet and sugary fun, either alone or with friends. Once you reach a new level, it automatically posts to Facebook so you can enjoy the bragging rights. You can even play against one of your Facebook friends to battle for a higher score, the results of which also end up on your friends’ newsfeed.


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